Wataniya Group

General Mechanical Engineer (Project Engineer)

Job Overview

Position Purpose:

VDU-Project Mechanical Engineer has to coordinate, plan, Execution, install, Inspection,
commission, etc related to ( Piping, Valves, Tankage, Rotatory/ Stationery Equipment, Process Units,
Exchangers, Vessels, Paperback, etc.). It contains close communication with project teams in a positive and targeted manner to ensure project progress and schedules are meeting the targets. This includes close
interaction with project teams in a positive and focused manner to realize productive results. it has to
Make sure the VDU project Material specifications, design codes, design calculations, analyses, and
standards are meeting the Material specifications. Ensure VDU-Project deadlines, and budgets and create
plans for short and long-term project activities. During VDU-Project construction and commissioning
activities, strong inter-departmental communication is necessary to contribute high-quality of expertise to
ensure smooth commissioning and handover activities. Address all the punch items raised throughout the
project and completed by the contractor. Reviewed project milestones under general supervision and
updated and get advice from Management.

Position Accountabilities:

  • Contributions to the implementation of the VDU project Execution Plan and generating Daily/ Weekly/Monthly Progress reports and updates to the management.
  • Monitors and Analysis VDU Project progress and prepares reports to identify gaps in project performance and VDU project documentation.
  • Arrange Material inspection, logistics, shipment, and receipt site preparation for safe storage of material and reconciliation of Materials consumption.
  • VDU Project scope of work, approved specifications, schedule project requirements, with identifying concerns and taking appropriate initiatives to address the issues.
  • Finalizing deliverables, VDU Project review Meetings, Vendor verification, site survey, Civil foundation activities, and ensuring compliance with specifications and functional integrity.
  • Identify technical queries, and missing information, and clarify work scope, standards, practices, and Project requirements.
  • Provide technical direction to finalize subcontractor and vendor data manuals to ensure that all requested data has been received.
  • Analysis of PFD and P&lD with reference to Piping Material, Valve specification, Welding procedures, 3rd Party Inspection Reports complied with international standards.
  • Manage VDU project QA/QC and commissioning systems and documentation and Perform other WGaligned projects engineering and project management-related duties.


  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering degree with 10 years of experience and, +3 years as Project Engineer experience on Chemical and large Oil Gas projects.
  • Expert and experience in construction, start-up, and commissioning techniques.
  • ┬áStrong ability to work and knowledge of many design techniques, Inspection, and analysis methods, and detailed expertise in the content and application of standards, codes, and guidelines.
  • High level of Time management and task prioritization skills and ability to work under pressure situations of VDU project different stages to meet time-limited goals.
  • ┬áMaintain effective and ongoing communications with construction, Operation, Safety, and contractor management teams
  • Expert in Project documentation management software with Robust analytics and use of MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, MS Project, etc.), and AutoCAD.
  • Ability and flexibility for quick learning, reworking to site construction requirements, and time
  • Ensure that Health and safety are implemented consistently by the VDU Project for employees and contractors to achieve an Accident-free VDU Project.

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