Harlem Cars Company

Group Human Resources Manager

Job Overview

Some key responsibilities to be involved in as a HR Director:

  • Meeting key stakeholders to discuss people challenges.
  • Providing guidance on people practices such as restructures and succession planning.
  • Bringing people expertise and developing solutions to help the business area to deliver its strategy.
  • Influencing and building relationships with people around the business.
  • Acting as a local point of people expertise for specialist teams that are implementing new people approaches.
  • Questioning and challenging others to get to the root of people and business issues.
  • Coaching and providing feedback to key stakeholders to help improve business efficiency.

Main requirements:

  • Diploma in Human Resources Management with proven use of the Hay System
  • Proven work experience of at least 5 years as HRD.
  • Should be able to travel without visa issues.
  • Must be fluent in the Arabic and English languages.

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