PUI (Premiere Urgence Intenational)

Health Officer

Job Expired

Job Overview


Overall purpose


Ensure the smooth running of Première Urgence Internationale’s health activities in Anbar informal settlements, including planning of awareness and outreach activities with the Community Health Workers, follow-up on the identification and referral of cases in need of specialized services, coordination and capacity building of the Health teams. The Health Officer reports to the Health Project manager and is under the technical supervision of the Health Liaison Officer (HLO).


Responsibilities and scope of duties:


  • Day to day management of the Community Health Workers and Team Leader under supervision of the Project Manager
  • Contribute to the development of the activity in close collaboration with the Health Project Manager
  • Work closely with the Health Project Manager (HPM) and Health Liaison Officer (HLO) to develop referral pathway to the identified health facilities in the area
  • Provide technical support to the CHWs in the identification of cases in need of referrals.
  • Working closely with HLO and HPM to assess the needs for trainings and to develop plan to build the capacities of the staff.


Specific goals and related activities:




  • Supervise and monitor each stage of the activities. Ensure that standards and instructions given by the Health Project Manager are followed.
  • Provide scheduled and on-job training to community workers team on communication skills, health awareness activities and health topics based on a training needs assessment carried out in collaboration with the Health Project Manager.
  • Ensure the availability of IEC materials that will be used by the outreach teams, and that all members of the team are briefed and trained to share messages about topics that will be targeted like reproductive health, communicable and non-communicable diseases, and health and hygiene promotion, and any other topic as per needed or requested by the project manager.
  • Ensure activities data is collected, documented and reported.
  • Report issues and constraints encountered by the Health staff to the Health Project Manager and suggest operational solutions.
  • Conduct field visits to observe and suggest improvements to ways of working for the community health teams, and implement solutions.
  • Respect schedules and deadlines agreed upon with the Health Project Manager.
  • Organise the activities of the staff in close collaboration with Health Project Manager, and report challenges and potential solutions to the HPM and HLO as appropriate





  • Work closely and in collaboration with the health authorities and health partners in the areas of intervention, including camp management authorities
  • Develop a demographic database per each location and identify the most vulnerable group of population living in the camps that might potentially require a referral for specialized health care facilities
  • Provide technical support and build the capacity of the teams under his/her supervision, to facilitate the identification and referral of people with certain health conditions and in need of specialized care
  • Along with the project manager, map the health services available in the area of intervention, developing a referral pathway and identifying focal points in each facility
  • Be the focal point for identifying the 3Ws Matrix (Who is doing What, Where), as well as all Referral Pathways from the Clusters (Hospitals, PHCCs, Mental Health, GBV,
  • Protection, Child Protection etc.) under direct supervision of the HPM and technical supervision of HLO.
  • Report the cases identified for referral to the HPM, to be discussed and validated prior to be referred.
  • Coordinate and attend weekly cases discussion meeting, in order to discuss and reevaluate referral/counter-referral, referral follow-ups.
  • Ensure confidentiality is kept all the time and a consent process (including standardized case management consent forms) in place for referrals
  • Ensures the availability of all the logistic related needs are in place prior to the referral (referral car, forms, appointments in the referral facilities etc.)
  • Ensures the proper follow up of the referred cases making sure that the referral facility issues a feedback letter about the health condition and intervention done to the patient referred.





  • Ensure the proper data collection, documentation and archiving of all the daily/weekly reports from the teams, as well as the referral documents. Keep the monitoring tools and files archived in Première Urgence Internationale office and accessible to the HPM and
  • Draw up and submit a weekly task report (which should include progress and reports made by the Community Health Teams) to the HPM
  • Together with the Health Project Manager, set objectives, specific and general indicators in order to assess and monitor the impact of the project and to reshape them if necessary
  • Ensure that project files are complete and regularly updated with periodic reporting and monitoring information and communications.
  • Help in ensuring the quality of the project through reporting follow up, results monitoring, context monitoring, lessons learned and knowledge management, tools development and trainings.




  • Coordination with MHPSS officer to ensure the good collaboration of the Community Health Teams and the MHPSS teams and to ensure the correct functioning of the activities
  • Conduct regular Assessments to ensure the appropriateness of the activities and that these are reaching the most vulnerable people within the scope of the project
  • Create IEC (Information, Education and Communication) materials for the awareness activities – nutrition, hygiene, prevention and treatment of diseases, access to the Health Systems, chronic diseases, reproductive health, etc. with the support and under the guidance of the HPM
  • Implement PUI security rules in the field at any time
  • Participate in team coordination meetings.
  • Representing PUI with other stakeholders when required from HPM.
  • Be in the sites of intervention 4 days per/week
  • Other activities as requested by the Health Project Manager in the scope of the project


Team management:

  • Health and Hygiene Promoters


Required knowledge and skills
EDUCATION / TRAINING ·         Medical qualification (e.g. medical degree or nursing diploma) ·         Project Management

·         Public/community health or Community Medicine



·         Experience working within the health sector

·         Experience managing teams and/or projects

·         Experience in health awareness activities

·         Experience working for an NGO

·         Experience designing or conducting assessments

·         Experience managing people remotely

KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS ·         Knowledge of health education and promotion

·         Strong organizational skills

·         Good communication skills

·         Knowledge of the Iraqi Health system

·         Knowledge of the humanitarian context

·         Knowledge of assessments



·          English

·          Arabic






·         Microsoft Office


·         Google Earth/mapping software (ArcGIS) GPS







Required Personal Characteristics (fitting into team, suitability for the job and assignment/mission)
·         Flexibility to travel to field & IDP’s locations in Anbar Governorate.

·         Female candidates are encouraged to apply to this position

More Information

  • This job has expired!