PUI (Premiere Urgence Intenational)

Health & Hygiene promoter (Full time/Part time)

Job Expired

Job Overview



A- General duties


  • Work closely with all members of the Health and MHPSS team and community volunteers.
  • Conduct health education and sensitization sessions, ensure follow up of these sessions, their quality and efficiency.
  • Supervise and train community volunteers on code of conduct, communicable disease (covid-19 or other disease), non-communicable disease, and health and hygiene promotion.
  • Identify patients within the community in need for referrals.
  • Ensure a good link between the camp population and the field teams.
  • Medically monitor the quarantined persons / families inside quarantine areas and report to the line manager on daily basis
  • Actively participate in the trainings organized on health and MHPSS topics to ensure quality deliverables. Show keen interest to learn organizational set-up and follow organization’s rules and regulations



B- Specific responsibilities


1 – Plan information, education and communication sessions for target populations


  • Participate in the initial needs assessment at target communities’ level: facilitation of focus group discussions, visits to sites, and meeting with key members of community.
  • Compile basic information about health and hygiene messaging and create the necessary materials and way of communication to sensitize populations on these issues
  • Compile information about the Iraqi health system and access to health to sensitize population on their rights and services available.
  • Ensure health and hygiene promotion messages are appropriate and targeted towards IDPs living in building (finished or not) and tents (camps or informal settlements, giving them the necessary and pertinent information to maintain their own health status.
  • Ensure the hygiene promotion activities adhere to SPHERE standards and follow the COVID-19 infection prevention control recommendations shared by the Clusters.



2 – Conduct information, education and communication sessions for target populations


  • Conduct health and hygiene awareness sessions on a regular basis inside the camp and informal settlements.
  • Organize and animate community members to attend health and hygiene promotion awareness sessions, ensuring the participation of all groups (women, men, elderly people, people with disability etc.).
  • Identify community volunteers to ensure community mobilization on WASH, Health and MHPSS related issues.
  • Ensure tools and messages are in line with PUI and DOH policy and guidelines.
  • Bring the attention of the community to the MHPSS services provided by the field teams within the camp and informal settlement.
  • Track the attendance of beneficiaries filling attendance sheets after each session
  • Report the outcomes of the sessions to the Health Officer.
  • Suggest improvements and new topics for future sessions.
  • Conduct surveys upon request of the Health Officer/ Project Manager and listen to the community and the feedback provided on PUI work
  • Respect the pre-caution measures related to covid-19 in all the implemented activities (keeping distance, frequent hand washing, wear face masks, etc.), according the instruction from Health Officer and/or PM.



3- Identification of patients within the community in need for referral.


  • Under the supervision of the Health Officer, the HHP is responsible to identify the patients in the community with health conditions or MHPSS needs that need to be referred for more advanced services that are not available in the area, including but not limited to secondary health care, MHPSS services, and/or other services provide by other partners/NGOs.
  • Conduct household visits to identify people with reduced mobility and promote their access to primary and secondary health care services.
  • Strengthen the link between the population in the camp and the field teams in order to promote the access to health care and mental health services.
  • Assist in regular and periodic update of service mapping and service providers in order to identify potential appropriate referral pathways.
  • Create a health data base to the people in our area of intervention, in-order to have a better idea about the health situation and to identify people who potentially need to be referred.


4 – Supervise and support community volunteers of the project.


  • In collaboration with the MHPSS team the HHP will contribute to recruit, train and supervise the community volunteers team, including planning and organizing their day to day activities, supporting, evaluating and coaching them. HHP will also ensure timely report collection from community volunteers and submission to the line manager.
  • Providing support to community volunteers in selecting and developing quality pedagogical communication strategies towards the community.



5 – Reporting/documenting


  • Collect all the supporting documents of the activities conducted (including the attendance sheet) and report to the Health Officer for central compilation
  • Report on a weekly basis to the Health Officer
  • Along with the Health Officer and PM, analyze the data collected and lessons learnt to improve the activities and future planning (type of messaging, way of conducting sessions etc.).
  • Documenting and reporting the medical data of the people in the quarantine area to the Health Officer and ensure to update and highlight any abnormal finding.



6 – Collaboration with MHPSS & MMU (when applicable)


  • Communicate on a regular basis with the MHPSS team to share issues or specific concerns.
  • Participate regularly in team meetings in order to maintain up to date the team’s collective knowledge about the IDPs’ situation in terms of health, hygiene knowledge, MHPSS needs.
  • Use medical team’s data and experience to adapt and make appropriate the sensitization messaging.


7 – Supervision of the quarantine area


  • Under the supervision of the Health Officer provide the medical follow-up and monitoring of the people in the quarantine areas.
  • Report immediately any case that develop sever symptoms or need a referral to specialized health care facilities treating COVID-19 patients.



8 – Other duties


  • Participate to team meetings.
  • Be aware of the security rules and social and political situation in the field at any time and provide feedback to the line manager.
  • Adhere to PUI Code of conduct, standard operating procedures and organizational chart.
  • Be respectful to the patients and their relatives
  • Treat all patients and community members equally with respect of ethical and confidential issues.
  • Upon request by the direct line manager conduct Networking/external coordination with other NGOs, governmental authorities and service providers to optimize high quality deliverables.

Convey a proper and professional image about PUI in area of intervention among Key stakeholders.


Required knowledge and skills
Required desirable
Education / Training


  Nursing diploma

Medical or Health related background  graduate.


  Training in Project Cycle management

Training in community or public health

Training in community sensitization methods


Professional experience






2 + years experience working as a nurse (community, general, public health)

Experience in community or public health.


Experience in mobile clinic setting

Experience with an NGO

Experience with PUI

Knowledge and skills



   Excellent communication and analytical skills

Excecllent organisational skills

IT skills

Understanding of the Iraqi medical system, particularly in Al-Anbar governorate, and with reference to services available at different types of facility and the referral system.

Reporting skills.


 Ability to work in unstable circumstances

Knowledge of project management














Pack Office







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