Hotspot Services Account Manager

Job Overview


  • Agree with the new sites and submit the commercial offers to supply the service to the sites.
  • Manage signing contract for hot spot services as per the company conditions and policy for the new
  • Handle the site survey for the new sites so as to detect the site location on google earth in KML form.
  • Take the full contact information for the site owner include name and phone …etc.
  • Follow and distribute the advertise parts to increase the marketing activities the like posters and
  • Deliver the cards different types (1 hour,10hours and monthly subscription) to the sites for free (free
  • Follow sites continuously for the areas assigned which include check the service quality, site different
  • Follow the installation for the device and way of laying the internal connecting cables.
  • Follow up the sites with stolen devices and responsible on compensate it from the site owner or paying
  • Renew and update the contracts for the sites that their owners being replaced so we sign the contract
  • Convince the sites owner that asking to terminate the service and un-install the devices to keep the
  • Perform the entrance agreement for the technical team and sales team so as to get easily to the sites
  • Create a new plan so as to increase the service coverage, Sales income and submit new offers and
  • Take the service opinion directly from the users that attend the site and evaluate our service in the site
  • Resolve customers’ complaints and requests.
  • Handle installation of Equipment and ensure all service is operational at all times.
  • Record all data related to customers or accounts into database.
  • Visiting Restaurants, Cafes, Shops, clubs, parks and universities…etc. to offer services.
  • Ensure availability to answer phone calls from customers at all times.
  • Sending reports as requested by Management of market data.



delivery service) and receive the amounts for the monthly subscriptions from the sites and deliver to

the VAS regional team leader.

problems and solve it by co-operating with the different departments.

the device cost.

with the new owner.

devices and the service and describe the service characteristics and trying to making them take the

advantage from it.

like (Universities, Airports… etc.), Follow the validation for the agreement and renew it continuously .

suggestions and co-operate with his team leader to achieve this plans and similar plans .

as per the opinions.


Bachelors Degree