INTERSOS Organization

HR Assistant- Telafar (pending donor approval)

Job Overview

Main Purpose

Execute administrative tasks, according to HR Manager’s indications and INTERSOS procedures, in order to ensure legal compliance to local laws and to donor’s requirements

Reporting to:

 Hierarchical: HR Manager

Functional: HR Manager

Coordinates with: Country Finance Coordinator



  • Execute administrative and legal related tasks, under supervision of the HR Manager, payroll calculations and update personal files in order to ensure accuracy, compliance and on time payments
  • Prepare employment contracts in conformity with legal requirements including specific amendments when necessary in order to ensure local labour and fiscal law compliance
  • Enter data into the HR database and personal files and keep them up-to-date in order to facilitate HR processes management. Archive the personnel documentation and keep it in order
  • Update Social security Tax office employee files in order to meet legal requirements and duties
  • Draw up monthly pay slips for all staffs, collect staff signatures, editing and updating the necessary data, in order to ensure the punctuality and accuracy of staffs payroll
  • Draw up the final pay slip and employment certificate at the end of a contract in order to meet legal requirements while defending INTERSOS ’s interests
  • Follow up all expiring rental contract dates and inform the HR Manager in order to leave enough time to arrange a renewal or look for some other alternative
  • Make all administrative information available to the staffs (posting, meetings, etc.)
  • Support the HR Manager and HQ for the preparation of personnel documentation for audit purpose
  • Support the HR Manager in translating documents into local language. Assists the HR Manager in meetings upon request

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