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ICT Business Development Manager

Job Overview

The ICT Business Development Manager is in charge of creating market awareness for the company’s products/solutions, growing the company’s market, and of building and maintaining customer relationships.

  • Maintain current client relationship and identify areas for potential clients
  • Contact potential clients to establish and maintain strong business relationship.
  • Develop new sales areas and improve sales through various techniques.
  • Research the latest in the business industry and create new opportunities to expand business.
  • Collaborate with the operations team to ensure requirements of the customer are to be met.
  • Plan, develop, and implement strategies for generating business, resources and revenues for the company.
  • Collaborate internally with concerned departments in order to ensure the production of comprehensive and competitive bids.
  • Manage tenders preparation and contracts negotiations.
  • Finalise agreements and make sure official co-signed documents are available at the company.
  • Supervise that the agreement terms are respected and mitigate any risk for breach or penalties.
  • Strong understanding of the company products or services as well as the business position and competition in order to keep the business competitive.
  • Provide technical support during sales presentations or product demonstrations.
  • Formulate responses to customer inquiries and questions.
  • Provide Solutions using new and emerging technologies.
  • Dynamically and creatively adjust to the customer and market needs.
  • Assist less experienced peers.
  • Actively contribute to the continuous improvement process and the quality standards set by the company.
  • Perform any duties within the field of competence as and when required by the Company Director.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in CCE or related ICT field
  • 5+ years of experience as in sales and business development.
  • Have experience in direct selling, developing winning proposals, and pricing solutions.
  • English proficiency

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