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About the company:

ALTAMEER is a combination of management oriented and dedicated experts, all of whom provide superior solutions and advanced services to the government and corporate markets in the region.  We distinguish ourselves as an expert engineering firm, offering the ability to design, install and operate solutions based on current and future client requirements and based on our partnering strategy with our clients.  We offer a wide range of turnkey professional solutions including low current security systems, information and communication technology, automation, fire protection and software development.  By partnering with award-winning, world-renowned security companies, we can proudly provide a comprehensive suite of products, services and technologies designed to protect people, property and information

Job title: Implementation engineer

Department: Control System

Location: Baghdad

Working hours: 08:00 AM till 04:00 PM

Purpose/objective of the position: ALTAMEER is seeking for professional engineer to be Responsible for the deployment, testing AND commissioning for all control systems

Main responsibilities and duties:

  • Design, installation, commissioning and testing of Low Current Systems.
  • Deployment of Smart building system and control board to communicate with building management system.
  • Perform I/O loop testing (Cold and Hot).
  • As-built drawings.
  • Systems configuration.
  • Energy solutions/engineering.
  • Advise clients on potential improvements and recommendations for their system.
  • Provide a unique technical support and liaison for the customer with customer facing skills essential for this role.
  • Provide a professional service and represent the company in a way which ensures customer satisfaction.
  • Responsible for supporting development & maintenance of best practices & technical documentation standards for systems projects.
  • Develop solutions and technologies that will meet the business needs and objectives
  • Testing and commissioning of electrical equipment and finishing Site Acceptance Tests
  • Interpret and understand policies and procedures and relate them to others.

Qualification required:

  • Bachelor`s Degree in Control Systems, Mechatronics engineering or any relevant.
  • Good In English language (Oral and written)
  • 1+ years’ experience in the Control and building management systems
  • Expert interpretive and trouble shooting skills
  • Performing several tasks simultaneously
  • Good knowledge of computer applications
  • Excellent trouble shooting skills.



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