Information Management/ GIS Officer- National Position

Job Overview

The primary duty of the IM/GIS Officer is to support in the collection, management and reporting of programme data. They are responsible for creating and designing maps as requested by senior staff. They monitor data collected from the field and conduct QA to the location database system, ensuring information is being properly entered. They coordinate with the Operations team regularly, providing information to assist with planning and prioritization. They prepare reports using set forms and visit the field to conduct QC of the information whenever is necessary. 


  • BSc degree in this field 
  • 2-3 years’ experience  


  • Experience using GIS software (ArcGIS, Survey123, Carto, Google Earth) 
  • Experience as an advance user with Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, Access 
  • Solid understanding of Database systems 
  • Fluent English is required 

Duties and Responsibilities 


  • Prepare GIS maps when required
    (task maps for teams as needed, including safety distances for demolitions, CASEVAC routes and BAC tasks. 
  • Support with the preparation of NTS, Survey, Clearance and EORE workplans and TO requests, focusing on coordinates, photos, maps and reports 
  • Work with the Operations team to develop Confirmed Hazardous Areas (CHAs), assisting in identifying survey/clearance and workplans 
  • Enter, QA operational data and highlight errors, in a timely manner without delays (in the location)
  • Help to resolve clerical errors from teams in the field to ensure accurate data entr
  • Take lead on location’s IM collections and centralization
  • Prepare requests from 3rd party monitor, including files, reports and maps
  • Prepare statistical reports as directed
  • Conduct statistical/data analysis or GIS projects as directed by management
  • Updating immediately data in GOIMS and OneDrive IM folders (adding TO, reports for tasks etc.) with all detailed information
  • Supporting the Country GIS and IM Manager to collect, manage and report on programme data
  • Preparing all required reports for IMSMA/DMA on a timely basis and within the deadlines, ensuring no mistakes in reporting assisting the IM Manager and the DMA Liaison Officer
  • Ensure the correct forms for data recording are prepared, printed and provided to operational teams (Taskbooks, task orders, NTS reports, Clearance plans, CASEVAC routes, comms plan)
  • Conducting training on IM matters, S123 to staff, alongside minefield visits to understand and collect coordinates for reports
  • Provide IT and IM support to staff as appropriate.
  • Respond to requests for hardware and software related technical assistance (in location)
  • Setting up and managing Office 365 user accounts and subscriptions, alongside supporting users accessing services
  • Internet connectivity troubleshooting
  • Install, troubleshoot, and repair issues with computers, printer/copiers, mobile devices and other equipment.
  • Maintain Wi-Fi access points, conference room, IT and technical equipment, printers fully functioning and operational at all times.
  • Assist with procuring and configure equipment and ensure proper asset management.
  • Configure appropriate equipment and system access for employee onboarding
  • Maintain HALO ICT security policies and procedures to ensure systems and data are protected.
  • Any other task as requested by Management

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