Internal Audit Manager

Job Overview


Job Summary:

This role is for an experienced internal audit manager who is able to conduct risk assessments, able to identify risk universe, identify strategic, operational, financial, and compliance risks and rate them according to their likelihood and magnitude. You will also be required to set up/update the risk register for each department in the organization and design audit plans to identify control weaknesses and report them to the audit committee/ Board of directors. You will also have experience in setting up long and short-term audit plans covering the whole organization.

You will work in teams and will hold meetings with chief levels across the organization. Hence, communication skills should be strong.

Job Duties:

  • Able to conduct risk assessment across the organization.
  • Able to determine the risk universe (auditable units) and set up the risk register.
  • Ensure developing annual internal audit plan in compliance with internal audit methodologies, risk management techniques and corporate governance.
  • Take responsibility for executing the overall audit plan identifying and testing controls and developing specific recommendations to improve processes.
  • Effectively communicate audit results to the board of directors such that the recommendations are accepted and acted upon.
  • Proactively follow-up, track and close out all identified audit findings.
  • Assess the risks and identify improvement opportunities continuously recommending to the board changes during the year to structure, process, roles, policies, systems…etc.
  • Perform financial and operational audits focusing on operational process reviews, financial audit projects, and evaluation of internal controls.
  • Perform special projects and ad hoc assignments by the Board of Directors for Pressing issues.
  • Submit monthly Report findings to Management and Board of Directors and ensure proper follow up and action is taken to resolve any audit findings.
  • Identify risks and manage the risks by producing reports highlighting issues and providing potential solutions ensuring at all time active engagement with senior staff to gain a good understanding of the business and assist senior staff in developing stronger controls.
  • Provide management with full risk assessment of all corporate and division processes, policies, and related controls through pro-active risk analysis and assessment
  • Safe guard asset measures
  • Assess fraud risks and conduct fraud investigations and provide recommendations for action.
  • Work with all locations and departments and coordinate with involved resources to plan and execute the audit schedule.
  • Maintain a comprehensive file on all audits to include proper background, brief and working papers.
  • Conduct audit of automated financial systems to ensure correctness and integrity of data
  • Review the suitability of internal control design.
  • Facilitate risk assessment through risk self-assessment techniques.
  • Evaluate risks associated with new computing developments and stop the project if risks are not controlled at predetermined acceptable levels.
  • Assist management in designing a comprehensive assessment, including testing of controls across the organization.



  • BA in Accounting, Finance or any related Field. Masters is preferred.
  • CIA is a must

Years of Experience:

7+ years of relevant internal audit experience – preferably working with a BIG 4 or a large company.


  • Excellent Command of English and Arabic- Written and Spoken.
  • Excellent computer skills and experience using spreadsheet, charting, and other software tools, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  • Financial Statements and Analysis.
  • Financial Processes and system analysis
  • Cash Flow Management Techniques.
  • Contact with senior-level Attorneys and the company Executive teams and Controller which requires strong interpersonal communication skills both written and verbal.
  • Demonstrated skill in quantitative financial analysis and budgetary control, with thorough working knowledge of general accounting principles and practices.
  • Demonstrated skill in formulating and implementing financial policies and standards to ensure accountability and compliance the policies and procedures
  • Strong advanced technical experience in the use of financial software to develop and maintain financial models and automated financial reports.
  • Laws and regulations as well as government compliance.
  • Organization Policies and Procedures
  • Financial Standards, Internal Audit Standards
  • Corporate Governance Practices.
  • Risk assessment techniques.
  • Accounting Principles: Working knowledge of GAAP or IFRS and International

Auditing Standards


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