Internal Communication Officer

Job Overview


  • Consider creative ways to convey messages to keep staff up to date with important news and to share information.
  • Using staff feedback to recommend and implement new initiatives to improve internal communications.
  • Write and prepare all sorts of texts that serve the internal purpose, including presentations, scripts, briefing documents, intranet articles, speeches, messages, and emails.
  • Create and manage the internal newsletter, including writing and editing content, arranging photography, and overseeing the design.
  • Support the delivery of internal communications projects, initiatives, and events.
  • Plan internal activity and initiatives to enhance corporate culture (face to face and virtual).
  • Identify actions priorities and ensure all internal communications are aligned with the brand guideline before publishing it to the employees.
  • Managing internal critical situations as they happen, and giving concerned stakeholders enough support to handle the communication around them professionally.
  • Support HR, and all other company departments regarding the organizational level communication, and enhance employee engagement to ensure achieving employer branding.
  • Create internal awareness campaigns that strengthen the company’s culture, and how employees understand it.
  • Provide reports to analyze certain activities & events that occur as demanded.
  • Create surveys that serve the internal purpose, whether requested by other departments, or their own.
  • Increase level of understanding of expected goals and acknowledge staff success in achieving them.


  • BA in Business Administration, public administration, advertisement or any related field.
  • 1-2 Years in corporate communication field.

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