Inventory Control Officer

Job Overview


This position is responsible for implementing inventory control policies and procedures through handling costing of the items in the system based on internal usage ensuring accurate and efficient data receiving and ensure all data and inventory levels are accurately recorded.

Key Duties:

  • Implement Inventory control policies and procedures to ensure accurate and efficient inventory levels. Ensure all the data is entered in the system for data returned from the sections.
  • Handle costing of the items based on internal usage.
  • Enter the costs of the items in the system.
  • Calculate and handle the cost of the used items based on approved policies.
  • Handle entering used items coming back from the field as per the price list.
  • Audit all the details of the items in terms of quantity, costs, is it compared with the same serial number.
  • Follow up the transactions between the warehouses and inventory control in the warehouse.
  • Ensure the warehouses deliver for the technicians on time for internal usage items.
  • Post the transactions once the equipment has been checked out from the warehouses.
  • Responsible for follow up on the receivables that the sr. inventory control officer finalized to follow up on actual checking out from the warehouse.
  • Monitor if there is a delay of delivering items, regularly during the day monitoring the items in excel to ensure all the items are posted and handled completely and send to inventory control specialist.
  • Transfer the equipment between the stores, locations to handle balances in the system and ensuring the online and physical count match.
  • If discrepancies, this position will decide what to do with the inventory costing or location or escalate for any solution.
  • Participate in conducting random stock counts of the warehouse on regular basis throughout the year.
  • Check on all returns and document the origin of the merchandize and the reason for the return


  • Bsc. in Industrial Engineering or related.
  • 2 Years’ Experience in Inventory Control.
  • Good Command of English and Arabic- Written and Spoken
  • Good Command of Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Excellent understanding in all Business Operations
  • Experience working Inventory control analysis.
  • Experience working on Inventory control techniques.
  • Must have large ERP system experience.Strong personal computer and business solutions software skills
  • Advanced Excel Analytics tool utilization.