Investment Coordinator-Erbil

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Job Overview

Project Background:

The purpose of the Iraq Governance and Performance Accountability (IGPA) project is to advance effective, accountable, and transparent governance in Iraq. This USAID effort, implemented by DAI, works with the Government of Iraq (GOI) at all levels to better respond to citizen needs by supporting reform initiatives and Iraqi change agents on inclusive governance and public sector transparency, accountability, and economy. “Reform initiatives” includes support to improve service delivery functions, public financial management, and open government initiatives. IGPA will support the GOI and the citizens of Iraq in forming partnerships and collaborative efforts to solve problems jointly. IGPA has four (4) objectives:

  1. Enhance GOI service delivery capacity
  2. Improve public financial management
  3. Strengthen monitoring and oversight of service delivery and public expenditure
  4. Support Iraqi change agents (cross-cutting objective)

Under Task Order 4, the Ninewa Investment Facilitation Initiative (NIFI), IGPA aims to increase employment and economic opportunities by helping the private sector, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and, as appropriate, larger, developed businesses, build business management capacity, increase competitiveness, and access financing.

In addition, IGPA/NIFI delivers training workshops to help business owners and entrepreneurs acquire the knowledge and skills needed to launch and manage their businesses successfully. IGPA/NIFI training workshops use clear objectives and incorporate exercises and case studies for hands-on experiential learning.


The Investment Coordinator will support an increase in attractive investment opportunities by leading capacity development initiatives for provincial investment commissions. Capacity will be enhanced through strategic coaching programs and work planning sessions aimed at promoting investment and empowering investment commissions to promote investment and provide sufficient aftercare for investors committed to projects across the country. The Investment Coordinator will also support the development of a pilot investment management information system in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Board of Investment.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Prepare capacity assessments for provincial investment commissions to understand support and training needs.
  • Design and conduct targeted coaching programs and trainings to address areas for growth as identified in capacity assessments.
  • Support legislative and regulatory reviews of relevant investment laws to identify opportunities for enhanced business enabling environments and roadblocks to investment growth.
  • Support the business process re-engineering for the KRG Board of Investment pilot initiative to streamline existing licensing processes and develop an as-is and to-be model for the board to implement.
  • Oversee the design and implementation of an investment management information system that complies with the final board of investment to-be design.
  • In coordination with the Sector Support Coordinator, support a series of value chain assessments to develop market system maps through which IGPA/NIFI can identify areas for growth and expansion through programs that require additional capital and new investment.
  • Contribute to weekly and monthly reporting by preparing highlights and success stories.
  • Ensure that all investment promotion related activities are properly coded with all required documentation.
  • Any other duties as assigned by Task Order Team Lead.


Qualifications and Experience

  • An MBA or master’s degree in a related field is required.
  • Minimum of 7 years of business advisory experience in the MENA region required.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience on USAID-funded projects.
  • Demonstrated experience working with investment promotion agencies.
  • Demonstrated experience developing value chain assessments.
  • Demonstrated experience developing and conducting training programs in investment promotion and or business process re-engineering.
  • Must be fluent in English.

More Information

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