Iraqi Labor Law gender provisions Training Consultant

Job Overview


PartnersIraq, established in 2017, is a locally led non-governmental organization that aims to build sustainable partnerships between government, citizens, and civil society organizations in Iraq by promoting good governance, rule of law, economic development, and gender equality.

PartnersGlobal and PartnersIraq, collectively known as Partners, both affiliates of the Partners Network, have used collaborative leadership, consensus building, and cooperative advocacy to assist vulnerable populations in forging positive relationships with government officials, local civil society activists, and community leaders to build a more inclusive, secure, and sustainable future in Iraq.



PartnersGlobal requires a consultant to support the development of and deliver a training module on the gender provisions of the Iraqi Labor Law for Iraqi civil society organizations (CSOs). This module will be part of a workshop on gender-sensitive representation and the gender-based provisions of Iraq’s labor law under the Workforce Empowerment for Women project (WEW), funded by Global Affairs Canada. The training curriculum will be comprised of 3 primary modules:

  1. The gender provisions of the Iraqi Labor Law.
  2. Monitoring and Documentation of discrimination and harassment instances at the workplace.
  3. Cooperative Advocacy.

This ToR is for the first module only (Iraqi Labor Law gender provisions).


Proposed Scope and Activities

The consultant will work collaboratively with PartnersGlobal and PartnersIraq (Partners) to prepare and deliver 1 online training session for a cohort of CSO members.

The training session will focus on gender-based anti-discrimination and anti-harassment provisions in Iraqi Labor Law 37/2015, as well as the gaps and law implementation challenges. The training module will collaboratively be developed by the Partners team and the consultant, in order to incorporate contextual elements, ensuring that the training is relevant, effective, and useful to the trainees.

The Legal Consultant will work in close coordination with Partners, to ensure quality, consistency, and the successful completion of all training outputs and outcomes.

The Legal Consultant should expect feedback from and engagement with other project partners and stakeholders throughout the process.


Deliverables and Reporting Requirements

The Legal Consultant shall provide the following services and deliverables:

  • Support the development of the training agenda with the project team.
  • Support the development of training module on gender-sensitive representation and the gender-based provisions of the new labor law to be provided CSOs members.
  • Participate in online preparation meetings with the program team prior to the training session.
  • Develop online presentation of module content
  • Facilitate one 3-hour synchronous virtual module for an audience of cohort of 30 CSO members
  • Participate in an online debrief session after finishing the training module session with the program team
  • Support the development of pre- and post-training test/surveys by developing a set of test questions to measure participant learning

PartnersGlobal and PartnersIraq shall:

  • Provide support as needed to ensure all logistical and administrative aspects of the training are taken care of.
  • Provide training module material in collaboration with the consultant.
  • Cover the expenses of telecommunication costs.
  • Manage and organize the required virtual training platform.
  • Coordinate with participants/trainees.
  • Facilitate other aspects of the training sessions as needed and mutually agreed to.



  • University Degree in law.
  • At least 10 years of professional experience in practicing law and/or rule of law programming experience.
  • Strong background in and knowledge of human rights and gender issues in Iraq.
  • Strong knowledge of Iraqi labor law.
  • Strong knowledge of professional legal ethics and legal best practice service delivery.
  • Demonstrated experience in developing and delivering training/facilitation.
  • Knowledge of Arabic required, proficiency in English preferred.

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