IRQNBB – Field Maintenance Engineer

Job Overview


This position is responsible for offering technical guidance and support to field technical teams ensuring all specifications of technologies, maintenance details are communicated and understood fully by the field maintenance teams. This position is also a field position handling resolution of complex technical problems assisting the Expert technician in finalizing solutions to the issues in the field.

Job Duties:

  • Assist in choosing materials, equipment and properties to perform mechanical analyses and repair.
  • Understanding of applied mechanics, mechanical & Construction testing, and optical transmission to provide technical teams with diagnosis and assistance handling complex technical problems.
  • Provide support to maintenance contractor teams regarding infrastructure maintenance industry standards.
  • Serve as primary on-site technical adviser during maintenance assignment as needed.
  • Coordinate across teams and third parties to ensure we maintain the quality standards.
  • Ensure vendor delivery occurs where, what, when, and how assets are delivered.
  • Interpret and fully understand detailed engineering drawings modification and removal of equipment, switching equipment, power systems, cable racks, supporting AC power, and wireless system cell site components and new emerging technologies.
  • Providing technical support for Cable Placement -Terminations and Splicing – Optical fiber and copper.
  • Knowledge of types of monitoring systems and the ability to implement them.
  • Demonstrate ability to diagnose and solve problems.
  • Perform preventive maintenance work to keep equipment in peak operating condition.
  • Use precision testing equipment to perform preventive maintenance activities.
  • Perform servicing, testing, inspections and repairs on a variety of equipment including, electrical equipment, blowers, ….etc.
  • Maintains accurate records of maintenance activities.
  • Assist in site selecting for re-arranging taking in considerations its importance.
  • Inform about any bad installation is previously done on site.
  • Site acceptance for all new deployed locations as per specs implemented by technical department.
  • Prepare all work sheet related to technician work.
  • Coordinate with the monitoring sections to achieve better team performance & time solving.
  • Troubleshooting of Network Failure and Outage.
  • Available in 24×7 on-call in any urgent case.
  • Perform mechanical and/or fusion splicing of fiber optic cable as required
  • Maintain accurate records including time worked, daily logs, gasoil sheets, as required; properly record all required information on data devices and/or work orders…etc.
  • Support continuity including natural disaster readiness and disaster recovery efforts.
  • Maintain inventories of test equipment and transmitters.
  • Maintain EMS and access control systems.
  • Follow up manager instruction in developing site working environments.
  • Collect the daily report of QC team

Power Maintenance Engineer:

  • Follow up the daily maintenance for power generators all provinces.
  • Make sure by checking all DC equipment is working satisfactory.
  • Prepare all needed operation forms after making sure that staff & equipment needed

For the operation are available.

  • Follow up Main data center power equipment performance.
  • Install any up graded power equipment at Sites & data centres.
  • Site survey for any governmental cores.
  • Installing equipment & solving problems at governmental cores where company equipment are situated.
  • Prepare work reports.
  • Make the Plans for cooling maintenance.
  • Make the maintenance for the cooling devices (packages & A/c units) if needed
  • Installing and maintaining Core ISP devices and expansion of Connectivity. (Power Engineer
  • Repair the malfunctions that happened on the cooling devices mentioned above.
  • Install & Repair the A/C units that return in the workshop
  • Recording and monitoring the consumption of electricity, fuel and consumable materials and making recommendations for improvements
  • Management of contractors working on the site
  • Ensuring the power systems have the required industry standards
  • Ensure all grounds are maintained including ensuring all equipment are safe.
  • Ensure all records are kept up to date, accurate and easily accessible for
  • audits/inspections

Fiber Maintenance Engineer

  • Responsible to apply the maintenance contract clauses on the contractor and raise a problem report if there is any infraction.
  • Make sure that all FOC cut repaired probably regarding to power loss and civil work.
  • Follow up contractor patrolling teams and take the required action if there is any risk on the cable.
  • Executing inspections to make sure that the fiber optic systems do not have faults that could destabilize performance.
  • Supervision on contractor work regarding FOC repair and send report about the splicing quality and civil work.
  • Performing premises cabling and running fiber optic cables underground and Arial.
  • Measure the optical signal strength to ensure adequate performance.
  • Handle all FOC periodical testing to ensure adequate performance



  • BSc. in Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil or Telecom Engineering or related.

Years of Experience

1-3 years’ experience in Engineering, ISP or Telecom Maintenance Role.

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