IRQNBB Network Monitoring Engineer

Job Overview


This position is responsible for monitoring network performance continuously based on 24 hours shifts to ensure any delays, stoppage, outages are reported to Network Operation Center and resolved immediately.

  • Responsible for reporting results of monitoring network health.
  • Monitor all core services and access network for any potential performance problems (utilization, intrusion, etc.) and respond in a timely manner to any anomalies to ensure network availability.
  • Document bugs and issues related to network performance and liaise with NOC to resolve outstanding issues, and Incidents.
  • Handle network performance monitoring on continuous basis to ensure 100% Network uptime.
  • Monitor indicators of metrics and escalate any anticipated outages.
  • Report the problems to Network Monitoring Manager and ensure continuous monitoring of any indicators of Network Slowness or outages.
  • Send a ticket to the concerned subcontract for any indicators of Network Slowness, outages, issues and follow the problem-solving progress
  • Escalate the high impact tickets if the problem was service effecting and take too long time to resolve.
  • Reporting high Impact Problems.
  • Reporting Late Problems with no solutions.
  • Reporting Repeated Problems for monitoring CTC platform for any expected or unexpected alarms or the integrity of the link and this will be done 24/7
  • responsible for monitoring the PRTG sites and check sites or connection availably and this will be done 24/7
  • responsible for providing full monthly reports for the status and the availability of service VLANs delivered to the customers whether there is an interruption in the service or service unavailability
  • responsible for providing detailed monthly reports for FOC span cuts and availability statistics
  • responsible for handling the follow up of FOC operations initiated by the FOC team, checked by NOC team and done by the contractor(s)
  • responsible for providing monitoring Tickets and outages Summary monthly reports
  • responsible for providing Contractors Outage monthly reports
  • responsible for providing Repeated issues monthly reports
  • responsible for Monitoring the site’s management links and power status of these sites including the follow up with the concerned parties
  • responsible for Requisites and Tickets Follow up and providing daily reports related to this task
  • responsible for providing 24/7 Monitoring regarding All the current detailed information of the environmental systems for the IRQNBB sites status
  • responsible for providing access to the site location by contacting the site’s owners


Education: Bachelor of Science in Computer/Telecommunication/Electrical Engineering or related.

Years of Experience: 0-1 Years in ISP Networking related position.

Knowledge & Skills :

  • Good Command of English and Arabic- Written and Spoken
  • Good Command of Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, Email)
  • Interpersonal skills for interacting with different groups of stakeholders.
  • Must have a solid understanding of how an ISP network works.
  • Customer handling including customer complaint resolution, etc.
  • Good planning and organizational skills to balance and prioritize work.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage the team independently.
  • Willingness and ability to quickly learn complex concepts.
  • Able to analyze problems and conduct effective fault diagnosis and system recovery.
  • Capable of working/using own initiative with minimal supervision.
  • Keen to contribute ideas, share knowledge and help others develop.
  • Interest in leading edge technologies. Keen to develop own skills and knowledge.
  • Ability to understand and prepare technical documents.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Project Management Skills
  • Self-motivated, hands-on critical thinker and problem solver.
  • Engineering Principles, adaptation and modification of standard techniques, procedures, and criteria.

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