Jr. Access Network Maintenance Engineer

Job Overview


Job Summary:

This position is responsible for supporting and assisting the Operations Maintenance Engineers in handling basic tasks and entry level tasks related to maintenance ensuring all tickets and customer outages are resolved in a timely manner.

This position is assigned for Engineers at entry level to the organization without experience in ISP capable of handling small scale complexity tasks and require assistance from other Engineers in fault diagnosis, troubleshooting, fixes, or installations.

In order to progress to Operation Maintenance Engineer, the employee shall assist another higher level OMC Engineer by getting practical experience in medium to large scale and complex tasks. Also the employee shall have proven records of quality work with no mistakes, ability to work independently, initiative taking shall be apparent in a consistent manner with proven records of achieving outstanding results.

Job Duties:

  • Assist in resolution of basic Service Problems from repeater to end user upon notification of service problem (proactive & reactive).
  • Ensure that any faults in the network or tickets are dealt with in a timely and professional manner.
  • Provide solutions that fall in line with the Service Level Agreements and all Health and Safety requirements.
  • Utilize Understanding of networking devices and topologies, Knowledge of wireless networking, microwave radio, Ethernet and fibre to resolve tickets and maintenance requests.
  • Maybe required to be called in for support for different shifts covering the operational needs.
  • In-case of need for escalation to NOC, report the issue to the team leader for analysis and further routing.
  • Utilize functional understanding of Network fundamentals.
  • Monitor network elements for exception conditions.
  • Track outage conditions in equipment to ensure timely resolution.
  • Track trouble tickets and follow-up on all potential service-affecting events.
  • Provide fixes and resolutions for network outages.
  • Identify outage conditions and correlate to customer impact.
  • Escalate issues to the appropriate level of support when applicable.

Access Network Engineer:

  • Handle receiving ticket requests from customers or sales ensuring opening a ticket in the system and monitoring the tickets resolution times and status.
  • Maintain highest customer satisfaction rates through continuous communication with the customer and speed resolution of the tickets.
  • Check monitoring system Sensors and Alarms and taking actions (Open a new ticket if needed).
  • Check links quality for forwarded tickets.
  • Email concerned parties for any update related to Technical work (Points and Bridges).
  • Handle direct calling customers for procedures in master or slave maintenance till resolution.
  • Checking Fiber links, Powered off, and making needed maintenance operation by checking Fiber link Cut-off and forward to Civil Dept.
  • Review Online Sheet (Point Backup) implementation and update to install backup link for fiber nodes having one main link in southern region
  • Review Online Sheet (sharikat and Point Backup) implementation and update to install link and backup link for fiber point.
  • Review Online Sheet (Operation Tunnel) for any tunnel update.
  • Review Online Sheet (sharikat and Point Backup) implementation and update to install link and backup link for fiber point.



  • BSc. in Computer, Telecom Engineering or related.

Years of Experience

0-1 years experience in Engineering, ISP, or Telecom Maintenance Role.

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