Jr. Database Administrator

Job Overview


Job Summary:

The Jr DBA would primarily be responsible for administering SQL Servers, managing day-to-day tasks, and assist with documentations, work instructions and procedures. Also coordinate with Senior DBAs to secure and maintain the DB infrastructure.

Job Duties:

• Maintain/build database schemas, tables, views, and stored procedures.

• Monitor performance of database systems resources and queries.

• Monitor and execute backups, index rebuild/defragment jobs.

• Preform SQL Server installation, update and upgrade.

• Assist developers in creating Databases as needed.

• Create ad-hoc and standard reports.

• Administrate user’s access and permissions to the database.

• Troubleshoot and resolve various database connectivity issues.

• Maintain database documentation as required.

• On-call requirements to ensure 24 x 7 support of database operations.


Education:Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Mathematics, or Engineering; or equivalent.

Years of Experience: 0-1 year of relational database administration.

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