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Junior Associate/Accountant

Job Expired

Job Overview


1.1. Assist in the preparation of financial statements for clients according to unified accounting standards

1.2. Prepare corporate tax returns;

1.3. Prepare monthly and annual personal income tax calculations and filings for client employees;

1.4. Prepare social security monthly calculations and monthly and annual declarations;

1.5. Provide updates to clients on work progress;

1.6. Maintain proper client files at the office;

1.7. Ensure proper online documentation of client files;

1.8. Follow up at the tax commission, and social security office and other relevant government bodies.

1.9. Perform any other relevant task assigned to the position.

2. Actively support the successful development of the business in line with strategic objectives:

2.1. Participate in events as required;

2.2. Attend all internal company meetings as required; and

2.3. Promote employer and affiliated entities professionally in all circumstances.

3. Undertake fee earning work for clients to a high standard:

3.1. Fee earning work; conduct any fee earning work, in a timely manner and in accordance with the

employer’s procedures;

3.2. Ensure the correct and timely use of time recording/billing software to record all matters;

3.3. Actively contribute to all client meetings, conference calls and the ad-hoc advice as required; and

3.4. Provide services in-house and to employer affiliates where requested.

4. Work with the firm team and affiliated entities:

4.1. Actively participate in employer’s on-going professional development.

5. Work schedule:

5.1. Ensure all assigned work carried out in a timely and professional manner;

5.2. Ensure understanding of assigned work priorities and deadlines; and monitor own work progress and

that of team.

5.3. Manage and monitor workloads and priorities of all subordinate staff in relation to tax and compliance,

immigration services and other firm services.

6. Client care and customer focus:

6.1. Ensure that the employer team has a clear understanding of client needs during matters, also any

associated timescales, costs and expectations relevant to a case; and

6.2. Ensure that all client complaints are brought to your immediate attention and acted upon and assist

staff, as appropriate, to resolve any issues they face with clients.

1. Professional Conduct:

1.1. Set a professional example in manner and conduct to all colleagues and clients in all circumstances;

1.2. Maintain client and company confidentiality;

1.3. Follow company practices to ensure safe keeping of documentation, evidence and assets entrusted to

the firm;

1.4. Comply with firm policies and procedures including Equality and Diversity, Health and Safety, Anti-

Bribery and Money Laundering; and

1.5. Report any issues relating to professional conduct to the shareholder immediately.

2. Self Development:

2.1. Take responsibility for CPD as appropriate and record progress:

2.2. Identify training and development needs required to be more effective in your role:

2.3. Source the training required and make a business case for the provision of this training:

2.4. Follow-up training and development targets in order to meet your objectives: and

2.5. Demonstrate self-motivation and enthusiasm for your role.

3. Undertake all other tasks such as are reasonable and commensurate with the role

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  • This job has expired!