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Junior SOC (Security Operations Center) Analyst

Job Overview

A security operations center (SOC) analyst is a central role in modern security teams. SOC analysts are the first to respond to cyber security incidents. They report on cyberthreats and implement any changes needed to protect the organization. SOC analysts are considered the last line of defense and they usually work as part of a large security team, working alongside security managers and cybersecurity engineers. SOC analysts need to be detail oriented because they are responsible for monitoring many aspects simultaneously. They need to watch the protected network and respond to threats and events.


4. Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
1.   Implement and manage security tools

2.   Investigate suspicious activities, contain, and prevent them

3.   Reduce downtime and ensure business continuity

4.   Providing security services to the rest of the organization

5.   Audit and compliance support

6.   Receives and investigates alerts daily. Reviews the most recent SIEM alerts to see their relevance and urgency. Carries out triage to ensure that a genuine security incident is occurring. Oversees and configures security monitoring tools.

7.   Addresses real security incidents. Evaluates incidents. Uses threat intelligence such as updated rules and indicators of compromise (IOCs) to pinpoint affected systems and the extent of the attack.

8.   Analyzes running processes and configs on affected systems. Carries out in-depth threat intelligence analysis to find the perpetrator, the type of attack, and the data or systems impacted. Creates and implements a strategy for containment and recovery.


5. Job Requirements and Qualifications
Education: ·        Bachelor’s degree in information technology or related field of study with a network engineering focus.
Experience: 1.        One year of experience in IT relevant/related area.

2.        Security+, GCIH or any equivalent qualifications is preferred but not required.

Skills: 1.        Network defense, Ethical hacking, Incident response, Computer forensics

2.        Administrative skills in operating systems, such as Windows, OS X, and Linux.

3.        Solid knowledge of various information security frameworks.

4.        Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.

5.        Ability to educate a non-technical audience about various security measures.

6.        Effective verbal and written communication skills.

7.        Troubleshooting skills

8.        The ability to think logically

9.        Good memory of how software and operating systems work

10.     Excellent listening and questioning skills

11.     Good teamworking skills

12.     Problem solving skills

13.     The ability to prioritize your workload

14.     Strong communication skills, logic, and analytical skills.

15.     Good skills in English & Kurdish & Arabic (Reading, Writing, Skills)

16.     Reporting and Documentation

Knowledge 1.        SIEM Software

2.        Antivirus Appliance

3.        Hypervisor Type 1&2

4.        Windows and Linux server administration skills.

5.        Routers & switches.

6.        Excellent computer skills in Microsoft office.

7.        Solid knowledge in Security Devices such as: FW, IPS, WAF … etc

8.        Active directory Policies.

Abilities: 1.        Self-Discipline.

2.        Excellent Problem-Solving Skills

3.        Attention to Detail.

4.        Great Communication Skills

5.        Passion for Technology.



1.        YBS ethics and code of conduct.

2.        YBS spirit.

3.        Diversity.

4.        Integrity.

Work Environment: Office Work
Job Demands: Physical characteristics: §  Able to sit/stand for long periods of time
Other characteristics: §  24/7 Shift-Base position


6. Performance Measures
1.     Quality / Accuracy of Technical Reports

2.     Speed of Operation

3.     Confidence / clarity in communication

4.     Fault investigating and solving


7. Tools and Equipment
1.     SIEM Solutions

2.     Antivirus Appliance

3.     Hypervisor (Type 1&2)

4.     Windows & Linux servers

5.     Routers & switches

6.     Firewalls

7.     Web Application Firewalls


8. Salary & Terms
1.     This is an 24/7 Shift-Base position that requires the ability to work variable hours including weekends, overnights and holidays or as needed.

2.     YBS is an equal opportunities employer.

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