Knowledge Management Officer

Job Overview


As a Knowledge Management Officer, you’ll be in charge of organizing information flow within the department. Your job involves ensuring everyone has access to the knowledge necessary for their tasks. You’ll develop methods to capture, store, and share information efficiently, which might include creating databases or digital tools for easy access. Additionally, you’ll provide training to new hires, help develop existing staff, and ensure accurate information is provided to customers.

Knowledge Management and Training:

• Serve as the central resource for knowledge management within Customer Care Sections.

• Develop and maintain the knowledge base, including FAQs, procedures, and other relevant resources.

• Coach and train Contact Center staff on new technologies, processes, and knowledge base utilization.

Performance Improvement and Reporting:

• Conduct and contribute to monthly knowledge management assessments and after-training assessments

• Produce assessment result reports, after-training reports, and other visuals and reports to identify knowledge gaps and support continuous improvement.

• Assist in developing standardized procedures within Contact Center sections to ensure consistent and efficient customer service. Collaboration and Coordination:

• Coordinate all knowledge management initiatives and programs and collaborate with other departments and sections.

• Collaborate with internal stakeholders to identify knowledge needs, gather information, and curate a comprehensive knowledge base


Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Business Administration, Educational Studies, or any related degree

(1+) Years of Experience in the telecommunication, or network operations industry

(1+) Years of Experience in Knowledge Management, or Training and development field