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Liaison and Security Officer

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Job Overview


  • Under the supervision of the PCC & Administration Manager, the Liaison and Security Officer is the focal point to secure necessary approvals including access and administrative approvals for WFWI’s operations in existing and new operational areas. S/he is also responsible for all safety and security-related matters and will be responsible for communicating and initiating coordination for WFWI’ activities in different program areas with national- local authorities, local partners and the humanitarian community, reporting on safety and security information/analyses and is responsible to organize and conduct safety and security activities in WFWI program locations. Support management in the daily safety and security management and the movement of WFWI staff, also advises on the safety and security risk assessment and associated mitigating measures while ensuring proper diffusion and access to information related to safety and security. The Liaison and Security Officer should have excellent diplomatic and analytical skills.
  • The context of ongoing conflict presents inherent risks. A professional sense of safety and security, confidentiality, and proper representation is essential.



  • Advise program team on specific regulations implemented by the authorities that impact the design and implementation of activities.
  • Facilitation of check in and check out of global visitors in Country Office, arranging their swift transfer to the field locations and with logistics arranging of pick and drop to / from airports.
  • Support PCCAM in providing all needed administration reports to camp managements where WFWI operate.
  • Provide simultaneous interpretation during meetings at the request of the PCCA Manager.
  • Represent WFWI in coordination mechanisms such as relevant Working Group meetings, camp management meetings, and attend other official meetings and public conferences as requested by the PCCA Manager.
  • Secure necessary access approvals from DNGs, JCC, EJCC and other government agencies in WFWI’s operational areas.



  • Daily monitor the safety and security situation in programs locations and share any updates with the PCCA Manager, CD and relevant Staff.
  • Brief visitors and incoming staff about the humanitarian and socio- political situation in the areas of programs.
  • Prepare and participate in visits to program sites to undertake in-depth reviews of specific coverage areas and perform field assessments in terms of safety security accessibility and possibilities of starting new activities.
  • Act as WFWI’s focal person for all securing access approvals and access -related issues to the areas of programs.
  • Build and maintain a contacts network for security and access monitoring.
  • Recommend communication and visibility strategies in line with safety and security requirements.
  • Take lead and follow-up with any pending authorizations/permissions to conduct program activities and ensure access to program sites when needed.
  • Support the mapping and assessment of potential partners in the areas of programs.
  • In charge of collecting, processing and providing safety and security information and share with staff.
  • In charge of updating Country Office Safety and Security management plan and visitor briefs.
  • Ensure necessary safety and security equipment are available and staff are trained on first aid and fire hazards.
  • Ensure necessary safety and security guidance is available in local languages to all staff, in training centers and vehicles.
  • Serve as the interface between local authorities and WFWI in all matters related to Administrative, coordination and safety/security matters.
  • Build and maintain an updated list of relevant contacts from local authorities, local and international NGOs, local stakeholders, and donors.
  • Organize and participate in meetings with relevant authorities and local communities and maintain contact with relevant stakeholders in order to be permanently updated on the evolution of the situation.
  • Arrange all necessary meetings related to administrative issues and participate in them when requested.
  • Keep a complete and update detailed list of all useful contacts in the country office with names, telephones, addresses and other relevant information.
  • Ensure compliance of WFWI with all registration, administrative order, necessary approval requirements with DNGOs, JCC, JCMC and residency as well as with the Provincial, District, and other authorities, including submission of requested reports.
  • Respond to requests from local authorities and assist in obtaining any required official documentation.
  • Manage administrative and visa and residency procedures for the international employees (if/when required) at local level when needed and requested.
  • In charge of all the customs clearance procedures with authorities and customs clearance agents in country.
  • Support the development and strengthening of safety and security procedures with continuously monitoring it.
  • Write visit reports.
  • Provide monthly, quarterly, and annual progress reports on current safety and security situations and plans for upcoming period.
  • Supports the management of safety and security by assessing the safety of locations used by WFWI (office, residences, hotels, training sites, etc.) and the locations used for visits by WFWI teams.

All our staff are required to adhere to WfWI’s Code of Conduct and Safeguarding policies and to our organizational values: Empowerment, Integrity, Respect, Resilience.

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  • This job has expired!