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Liaison Officer – South (C1)

Job Expired

Job Overview

General scope of the position:

Reporting to the HoM and working in coordination with Logistic Sec Coo. On the security part, The Liaison Officer South must be able to perform effectively the functions related to his role whilst ensuring best practices for the position’s main responsibilities which are as follows:

– Networking, External Coordination and Representation.

– Internal control over administrative issues related to Visa for Expatriates.

– Overseeing all security aspects in the south of Iraq.

– Community Engagement.

Essential duties and responsibilities: 

  1- Networking, External Coordination and Representation:

  • Develop and uphold a network (i.e. contact list) of local national and regional authorities, International NGOs, and all other relevant stakeholders, while serving as a key link in between CDE and those mentioned above in all matters related to planning, programming, identifying bottlenecks, securing direct partnership opportunities, and sharing updates on context, security situation, administrative and logistical topics.
  • Organize and participate in meetings with relevant authorities including regular interfaces with DNGO, Ministries and potentially Directorates.
  • Represent CDE in coordination mechanisms such as relevant cluster meetings and attend other official meetings and public conferences as well as requested by the HoM.
  • Provide support in translation during above mentioned meetings to any other collaborator attending the same.

2: Visa and transportation:

  • Facilitate visa processes/application to the DNGO and all other authorities for expatriate newcomers in Federal Iraq, taking into consideration the status of the visa requested, its type, the nationality of the expat, validity of submitted documentations, expiry date of ongoing residencies/visas, and support in payment of the visa fees, while keeping HoM and Logistic Sec Coo. updated at all times on all applications’ progress and online application troubleshooting issues
  • Process relevant PoAs and/or admin orders needed for eligibility to apply for visas/residencies.
  • Facilitation of check in and check out of expatriate staff and HQ visitors in Iraq, arranging their stay in Baghdad, swift transfer to the field and arrangement of pick and drop to / from airports.
  • Ensure the accommodation of CDE visitors to Baghdad in a safe place and arrange their lodging, hotel booking, and payment for the hotel.
  • Take lead and follow-up with any pending authorizations/permissions for expatriates to arrive and to have work permissions to work in Health sector.

    3- Security:

  • Act as CDE focal point for all access letters’ related processes in the areas of intervention in Federal Iraq; handling request letter submissions, amendments, renewals, progress status follow-up with JCMC and all other Federal Iraq Ministries and relevant authorities, moreover, develop mapping of the multiples access letter processes.
  • Develop, strengthen, and maintain professional and regular communication network (i.e. contact list) with all necessary points of contacts involved in Security and access Letters process and monitoring.
  • Daily monitor the security situation in the areas of intervention and communicate security-related information, update risks, and track security incidents to and from the Logistic Sec Coo. and other interlocutors following predefined communication channels, as well as
  • Maintains the officially agreed communication channels with CDE employees in Federal Iraq to guarantee staff safety and well-being, while advising on all safety and security aspects and contribute to the fulfilment of CDE’s Security policy in Federal Iraq.
  • Participate in the briefing of visitors and incoming staff to Iraq on the humanitarian and socio-political situation in the areas of intervention.
  • Conduct security assessments of properties or locations within Federal Iraq as requested by line management, and perform regular checks of all CDE offices, vehicles, and the condition of all equipment related to security in Federal Iraq, and in case of shortages, follow up with relevant departments until the issue is resolved.

4- Community engagement:

  • Actively participate and help in organizing community events, forums, and outreach programs to build strong relationships with residents and stakeholders.

  5- Reporting and Archiving:

  • Provide reports as requested by the HoM and Logistic Sec Coo. on any relevant topics such as but not limited to: political and security issues.
  • Be responsible for documentation of all security-relevant publications, incident reports, and approved access letters and amendments in Federal Iraq on the organization’s archiving structure.

  6- Others

  • Any other reasonable tasks as requested by the line and technical manager(s).


Bachelor’s degree or higher in Political Science, Legal Studies, Business Administration, or any other related field of studies.

Work experience:

Minimum of 3-5 years of experience in either the legal field or in the Security, Liaison, and Administration department in an international NGO environment in Iraq or similar settings.

Preference for a candidate with a successful track record supporting INGOs with access and legal issues in a humanitarian/stabilization context.


Knowledge and Preferred Qualifications / Skills:

  • Good knowledge of the humanitarian sector and humanitarian principles.
  • Understanding the philosophy and mode of operation of NGOs.
  • Preferable knowledge of JCMC and visas requirements
  • Experience in networking and coordination with relevant stakeholders including but not limited to government officials, ministries, and governorates, with an ability to consistently work with a diverse range of stakeholders in a diplomatic manner.
  • Knowledge about Federal Iraq context is required in terms of political, economic, and social scenes.
  • Ability to balance demands of CDE and security actors while maintaining appropriate contextual NGO security advice and coordination.
  • Experience in working with different communication systems.
  • Good working knowledge of threat assessment, risk mitigation, and ability to work on acceptance strategy.

Key Competencies and Personal Qualities:

  • Ability / Willingness to work under pressure, travel, and meet deadlines in a fluid and often insecure environment.
  • Excellent coordination and reporting skills, with the ability to organize a substantial workload and present complex information succinctly and compellingly.
  • Highly developed cultural awareness and ability to work well in an international environment with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.
  • Strong organizational abilities and excellent communication skills
  • Strong analytical capacity, resourcefulness, and creativity in developing the role of security within programmers and ensuring the most effective support to line management.
  • Ability to multi-task and manage stressful conditions and situations.
  • Ability to work independently, to take initiative, and to have a strong sense of responsibility.
  • Competency in Internet and Microsoft Office systems including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and GIS.
  • Organized and attentive to details.
  • Reliable and trustworthy.


  • Fluency in written and oral English and Arabic is mandatory.
  • Any other relevant language is a plus.

More Information

  • This job has expired!