INTERSOS Organization

Life skills trainer – Sulimaniyah

Job Overview

INTERSOS seeks to contract a professional expert with a broad background and experience in life skills.
The consultant’s main role will be train Adolescents and youth boys and girls from 15 to 20 years old for a 21 sessions on life skills: critical thinking, problem solving, stress management, positive communications techniques
BACKGROUND: The rationale behind this consultancy is to train adolescent and youth IDPs, refugee and Host comunity boys and girls, enhancing their soft skills in order to promote their positive entrance into adulthood. Life skills training will be complementary with technical training provided. The groups will attend the training on a rotational basis of 2 to 3 days a week.
The consultant/organization will provide services for INTERSOS for about 2-3 days a week. Tentatively from 6th of June until 30th of July. The timing of the classes will be adjust to what better suits the participants requiring a flexible availability of the consultant also in the late afternoon.
The expected tasks include the following:
1. Prepare and conduct training sessions for boys and girls according to a developed plan on life skills including the specific topics (i.e critical thinking, problem solving, stress management, positive communications techniques) considering about 2- 3 days per week for each group.
2. Specify relevant curriculum to specific age/level groups and provide relevant technical inputs
3. Draft a list of needed materials
4. Provide a weekly training plan with class schedule and make sure to always share information with participants
5. Assess initial capacities of the participants and skills acquired at the end of the training period through a pre and post assessment test
6. Keep regular track of participants attendance throughout the classes provided
7. Submit a monthly report on the progress of the training to INTERSOS Education Monitor
8. Safely store material and resources at the end of every training session
9. Promote attendees positive participation, cooperation and good relations among participants
The Consultant should have the following competencies and experience:
– Proven training experience (Life Skills)
– Experience in delivering capacity building for young men and women
– Familiar with civil society and NGO engagement
– Arabic and Kurdish language proficiency.

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