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logistics coordinator

Job Overview


-follow up to update daily on the status of the stock –

-complete the monthly stock check together with the finance team

-follow up for the PDI and monthly maintenance with the service department

-shipping and inland transport management

-follow up for fueling the new vehicles at arrival and the storage vehicles

-follow up loading and unloading vehicles (any place is required)

-travels to Um Qasr for vehicles receival supervision and clearance supervision

-follow up on motor insurance for all company cars and reports the damages

-notifies delivery companies and insurance immediately of any losses and/or transit damage identified on receipt of the vehicle.

-follow up with all the clearance agents in the ports and custom points

-manages original documents (bill of ladings, invoices, certificates of origin)

-responsible for checking the accuracy of all documentation received from any party

-coordinates vehicle registration with the agents authorized at the Traffic Police in Baghdad

-vehicles checks for correct specification and/or shortages.

-issue COC for new vehicles at the Standardization Commission in Baghdad

-issue import license for new vehicles- at BIF -Baghdad

-issue price tariffs for new vehicles- at customs department in Baghdad

-manages payments with the services suppliers (customs duties, taxes, and other clearance expenses settlements )

-all type of approvals from all government offices

  • must have experience at least 1 year in logistics or administration
  • -must have a keen eye to details
  • -English and Arabic languages
  • -computer skills (Microsoft office)
  • -communication skills both orally and written
  • -automotive business experience is a plus
  • -with driving license and ability to drive long distances on Manual gearbox (Baghdad to Umm Qasr)
  • -male candidate


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