Triangle Generation Humanitarian

Logistics & IT Manager

Job Expired

Job Overview

Position: Logistics and IT Manager

Work place:  Erbil with travel requirement 

Duration:   Fixed term contract 7 months full time.

Status:   National position.

Under Supervision of: This position is under the responsibility of the Head of Support  Services (HOSS)

Direct Line management of: Logistics Officers, Logistics Assistants.

Salary range: the salary for this position will be 2116 USD under the category F09 of TGH salary scale



The employee engages himself to:

  • Respect TGH’s Charter and internal regulations.
  • Respect his contract and Job description.
  • Respect security rules put in place by the security focal point.

This job description will be regularly reviewed. Only a common and joint agreement between the employee and the employer could lead to a modification of this it.


Under the supervision of the HOSS, the Logistics Manager will:

  • Assume the responsibilities of the HOSS logistic part during his/her absence.
  • Ensuring the respect of TGH and donor Logistics guidelines (management of purchase, stock, supply, equipment, vehicles) on the mission.
  • Managing directly the logistics national staff.
  • Strengthening capacities of Logistics teams based in Iraq (training, capacity building).
  • Coordinating the logistics activities all over the mission by being in support and in close collaboration with the project staff and the support staff.
  • Ensuring the respect of TGH security guidelines on the mission.
  • Supervising and providing a logistical support to the different TGH bases and projects run into the country.
  • Opening/shutting down at logistical level any TGH base in the country and ensure their regular maintenance.
  • Reporting on a regular basis about all logistics activities within the mission.


  • Responsibility 1: Representation
  • Responsibility 2: General coordination
  • Responsibility 3: Procurement management
  • Responsibility 4: Stock and equipment management
  • Responsibility 5: ITC
  • Responsibility 6: Vehicles and transport management
  • Responsibility 7: Premises management
  • Responsibility 8: Team management
  • Responsibility 9: Security Management
  • Responsibility 10: Reporting


Responsibility 1: REPRESENTATION

  • With HOSS, you are the direct interlocutor of TGH towards providers and companies, for all issues related to logistics.
  • Represent TGH logistics Iraq when requested by HOSS.
  • When requested by HOSS, you participate actively to logistics and information meetings (NGO coordination, Log Cluster, etc.).
  • Maintain positive relations with TGH’s partners and potential partners.


  • Support HOSS, to setup a coordination routine system (meetings, reports, situation points, etc.) to ensure a smooth diffusion of relevant logistics information at mission level.
  • Support HOSS, to manage logistics support advice and interact specifically with the Project teams on regular basis.
  • Frequent movements have to be expected between the different bases if security and administrative constraints allow.
  • Manage field Logistics teams.
  • Ensure a proactive link between the operations and logistics.


  • Ensure the respect of TGH (and donor if required) purchase procedures in the whole TGH Iraq mission.
  • Support HOSS to develop and implement procurement plans for the mission in collaboration with project Managers and ensure their periodic follow-up.
  • Ensure the quality of purchases and delivery deadlines in all TGH bases and offices.
  • Follow up the purchases until delivery and collaborate with Admin for the payments and budget follow-up.
  • Prepare the tender dossiers for the large-scale procurements with the support of HOSS.
  • Ensure that each base update accurately on daily base the Purchase follow up and send it weekly to coordination.
  • Ensure that each base in working on recurrent market assessment and provide coordination with supplier list, price list and catalogue.
  • Capitalize and compile all data (supplier list, price list, and catalogue) to provide to the mission with a global and unique document.
  • Ensure that all logistics departments have a proper and accurate archiving system (hard and soft copy).
  • Responsible of all TGH Iraq importation and customs clearance process under the supervision of HOSS.
  • Support HOSS to provide TGH Iraq with a reliable and updated importation and customs clearance process document.
  • Work closely with the finance department for the return of invoices.
  • Monitors and updates contract follow up.


  • Ensure the respect of TGH (and donor if required) stock management procedures in all TGH bases and offices.
  • Manage or support regular inventory (monthly, quarterly, yearly) for the different items stored within the mission.
  • Being in charge of stock and in link with HOSS you are responsible for warehouse management and all control systems to effectively supply stock as per project needs.
  • Ensure the security and the follow up of the equipment including communication and IT equipment used on the mission (identification, inventory, allocation).
  • Ensure that stock follow up is updated at each action and all stock reports and stock documentation are well used in each base and offices.

Responsibility 5: ITC

  • Manage backup systems for critical data.
  • Manage the mission’s Cloud server and give all the support and the trainings needed to the staff.
  • Responsible on creating new email addresses and mange emails domain with the support of HQ.
  • Install, configure, and maintain security for LAN/WAN, Internet, wireless, and remote access services and configuring the new switches and routers for all the offices.
  • Manage country office and other offices Internet Service Providers’ and liaise with them when issues happen.
  • Install and maintain IT hardware in the whole mission.
  • Keep tracking of all the IT equipment and register them in the equipment inventory.
  • Making sure that only authentic applications are installed and follow up on the expired licenses.
  • Give IT trainings for the staff when needed.
  • Responsible on implementing the new procurement system in Iraq mission and give support training.
  • Provide remote support to Field offices.
  • Provide network stability and make sure that everything works fine.
  • Ensure the respect of TGH (and donor if required) ITC management procedures in all TGH bases and offices.
  • Ensure that all means of communication are functional and registered in the equipment inventory follow up.
  • Ensure that all laptops are maintain according to the maintenance schedule.
  • Support logistics officers for the renewal of phone communication.


  • Ensure the respect of TGH (and donor if required) vehicle management procedure in all TGH Iraq bases and offices.
  • Support Logistics coordinator, to supervise the general follow up of the mission vehicles (consumption checks, movement planning, vehicle rental contracts, etc.).
  • Handle transport contract negotiation with suppliers and follow up.
  • Support HOSS to define the relevant means of transport for goods delivery (by road, by plane, by boat, etc.) and process the administrative formalities related to national, regional and international transport.


  • Ensure that all TGH premises are maintained and in good condition.
  • Suggest monthly maintenance plans.
  • Participates in the identification of new premises.

Responsibility 8: TEAM MANAGEMENT

  • Strong capacity building management in order to improve the skills of your team on a remote management set-up implying delegation and staff self-reliance.
  • Ensure strict application and respect of the Internal Regulations by your related staff.
  • Define periodic actions plans (IAP) of all logistics members, and ensure their implementation.
  • Provide advice to logistics teams about any issues raised by them.
  • Ensure a good communication – coordination – information level of each member of your team through regular meetings.
  • Personal and professional evaluation of each member of your staff, and its development within the mission: individual interviews, oral and written evaluations.
  • Ensure conflict resolution (personal and professional) within your team and inform the HOSS.
  • Support HOSS to propose relevant needed adaptation to the organizational chart of the mission and contribute to its implementation (job descriptions, etc.).
  • Support your staff in their management duty: meetings, individual interviews, etc.


  • Support HOSS when requested to ensure the respect of the logistics security guidelines adopted on the mission, the proper application of the relevant tools and processes from all members of the mission (national & international staff) in close link with the Country Director.
  • Apply for the access letters needed in KRI.
  • Ensure that every single incident is reported as fast as possible to the HOSS and Country Director.
  • Ensure that all vehicles have first aid kit, food kit.
  • Ensure that all guest houses have a hibernation box up to date and an appropriate mean of communication.
  • Ensure that all TGH premises have fire extinguishers ready to use.
  • Support Logistics officer and assistant in fire extinguishers training.

Responsibility 10: REPORTING

  • Centralize all logistics information available on the mission and consolidate a monthly report (into the proper reporting forms) to be delivered to HOSS.
  • Send reports to HOSS before the 10th of each month.
  • If required by HOSS, participate to the monthly situation report (SITREP) by providing relevant data related to logistics coordination.
  • Provide regular reporting on your activities to HOSS upon his/her solicitation (coordination meeting, workshop meeting, etc.).
  • Provide to HOSS with a handover report when going on leaves.

The holder of this position will undertake any other duties or tasks as may be required


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Logistics, Supply Chain, Business Management or any relevant Field
  • At least 4 years’ experience in logistics and IT as well as management experience, preferably in humanitarian context is required.
  • Fluent in English and Arabic. Kurdish is an asset.
  • Good skills in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Computer skills (including Excel and Word)
  • Excellent interpersonal and diplomatic skills
  • Autonomy, rigor and skills for synthesis
  • Ability to go in GOI in the bases and stay several days over night
  • Good organizational skills
  • Adaptation capacities to dynamic context

The list above is not strictly definitive; an employee working within the framework of these tasks may carry out other tasks if asked to do so by his/her line manager.

The Position will be for a period of Seven (7 months) with an option of extension.

More Information

  • This job has expired!