Maintenance Readiness Coordinator

Job Overview


Maintenance Readiness Coordinator

The organization is recruiting for a Maintenance Readiness Coordinator position to support and work with the maintenance readiness team. the goal is to deliver maintenance programs for major and small projects across the field, the candidate must have oil and gas experience, the position is daily basis.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Liaise with projects managers and engineers to acquire all relevant information and documents to kick off the maintenance build process of new projects. Work with site survey team to populate the Master Equipment list (MEL) with new assets tags, make sure the MEL is complete and all fields are filled and accurate. Conduct criticality assessments workshops of projects equipment using company’s process flow. Ensure that new projects Safety Critical Equipment (SCE) identified correctly, and performance standards are provided to ensure their technical integrity using company’s guidelines. Deliver maintenance programs by selecting from the company’s General Maintenance Strategies (GMS) library, work closely with other maintenance discipline engineers to review selected Planned Maintenance Routines (PMR). Work with the maintenance planning team to upload new projects maintenance build into the company’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) MAXIMO. Where necessary, conduct site visits to gather and verify information related to new and legacy assets. Support contractors working on Engineering, Construction, and Procurement (EPC) of new projects to deliver complete and accurate maintenance build using company’s processes and templates. Coordinate with projects engineers and contractor to deliver Spare Parts and Interchangeability Records/Lists (SPIR/L), and review provided lists for key information completeness. Work closely with materials leads to catalogue and order required 2 years operation spares, lubricants schedule, capital/insurance spares, and special maintenance tools.


B.Sc. in Engineering (Mechanical & Electrical are preferred) Minimum +5 years of experience working in oil and gas fields in maintenance and operations departments (maintenance background is preferred). General literature in types of equipment used in degassing and water injection stations (rotating, instruments, and electrical types of equipment). Able to read and interpret various engineering documents such as P&IDs, Process Flow diagrams (PFD), Single Line Diagram (SLD), Instrumentation Cause and Effect (C&E), and various other documents. Familiar with MAXIMO. Good communication skills. Able to work and interact with other teams in projects, engineering, maintenance, and operations departments. Attention to details. Able to work independently with minimal supervision.