Korek Telecom

Market Intelligence Team Member

Job Overview


Data Analysis, vital intelligence in the market, tracking all competitors activities, knowing the weakness and gaps in products and services.

Key Responsibilities
  • Guide the consumer research design, analysis and presentation for management.
  • Guide the consumer surveys that launched by OBC and derive consumer insights from such programs.
  • Guide the dip stick surveys and planning to get more obvious results.
  • Develop a robust information gathering, processing and reporting system on all key competitors parameters including Commercial activities; Technical and Network assets & key developments; Sales and Distribution; Advertising and Communication; Products and Marketing as well as Strategy and Tactics.
  • Develop and Maintain market information at national and governorate level including demographics, economic & financial information, geographic data and social data.
  • Maintain up to date information on market dynamics in relevant territory especially on key competitor activities such as channels, distribution activity; products, promotions, communication & positioning.
  • Innovation/new product development: Evaluation of early ideas and more fully-developed concepts, product evaluation, volumetric forecasting, test markets, etc.
  • Reports to direct manager about any competitor strategic and tactical activities in assigned territory.
  • Experience working with diverse team.
  • Experience working with unstructured data.
  • Ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines.
  • English (required)
  • Arabic (required)
  • Kurdish (required)


Number Of Positions
1-2 years of work experience in relevant field.
Bachelor in Marketing, Business or Engineering.

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