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Medical Acitivity Manager Assistant – Mosul & Baa’j

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Job Overview

Position summary:

Support INTERSOS Medical Activity Manager/Project Manager in the implementation of the  projects aiming to provide primary health care by mobile clinics setting.

The Medical Activity Manager Assistant will be based in Mosul/Telafar, with 70% frequent visits in the area  of activities, especially Baaj and Rabia.

The Medical Activity Manager Assistant will be dedicated to undertake health programme  activities guaranteeing the efficient and effective sensitisation, mobilisation and participation of  the targeted communities, thereby maximising programme performance. The Medical Activity  Manager Assistants shall ensure that supportive supervision and training are given to the  community mobilizers , health staff at the mobile clinics and DoH Medical Staff and that guidelines set in the health protocols are followed during programme implementation. The Medical Activity Manager Assistant is  responsible to set up and supervise a proper circuit to ensure that every beneficiary receives an  adequate medical examination, the required routine and prescribed medication and referral for additional treatment, as appropriate and according to the protocols.


∙ Knowing, promoting, implementing and following up the universal hygiene standards/  precautions, bio-hazard prevention and infection control, security rules and other protocols  and procedures in the medical premises and ensuring high standards of hygiene of his/her  working environment in the targeted HF/Mobile clinic.

Respecting medical secrets and confidentiality at all  times;

∙ Carrying and supervising administrative procedures and documents (fill in patient’s files,  forms, consumptions, statistics, registers, health files, etc.), and reporting any  problematic situations and cases that may arise. Participating in data collection and  keeping the Medical Activity Manager/Medical Coordinator informed; conduct data  quality assessment on a weekly basis;

∙ Participating in planning and undertaking health surveys, rapid assessments, as well as in  the monitoring and evaluation of the health program activities;

∙ Responsible for providing inputs and data for monthly health activities’ reports in timely  manner;

.Responsible for the quality of health services provided at the health facility by the health staff and ensure all the standard procedures in the SOB of INTERSOS are implemented


∙ Participate and update progress in weekly technical meeting with health staff;

∙ Responsible for accurate record keeping, ordering and accountability of health equipment,  supplies and drugs, participating in the department-related pharmacy and medical  equipment control and maintenance (quality and its functioning, storage conditions,  follow-up of expired drugs inventories, stock takes of medicines and material, etc.);

∙ Ensure the quality of the health service given in all different locations meet the expected  standards;

∙ Responsible for the day to day management of project site activities and staff; ∙ Support the Medical Activity Manager in conduct trainings to build the capacity of  staff/volunteers, DoH staff and the community at large;

.Supervise and participate with the pharmacist assistant in the managing of the pharmacy and track of the consumption .

∙ Performing other related duties within the clinic as may be assigned by the MAM


Qualifications & Preferred Skills

∙ Qualified medical doctor or any related health field, Applicants should have at least 2 years post graduation qualifying experience and in possession of a valid practicing certificate;

∙ Two years of relevant professional work experience, including in a developing area, in  public health or nutrition;

∙ Familiar with the Basic Package of Health Services according to MOH – Iraq

∙ Residence in the above locations;

∙ Good command of written and spoken English and Arabic;

∙ Strong interpersonal and team building skills and excellence as a team player; ∙ .Must possess the ability to learn with speed and ease;

.Knowledge and previous experience on a supervisory role preferred but not essential.

.Able to analyze and interpret data and track program performance against program indicators

∙ Strong sense of responsibility, methodical and accurate with high organizational skills; ∙ Honesty and integrity and able to cope with stressful situations;

∙ Manages effectively his/her own time as well as flexible and available to work overtime when needed;

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