INTERSOS Organization

Mental Health Activity Manager – Telafar (NWA/080)

Job Overview

All INTERSOS employees are expected to perform their roles and responsibilities according to the INTERSOS charter of values, code of ethics, PSEA and Child Protection policies. The job description is mandatory for all positions within INTERSOS and shall be signed by the employee within the first week of employment.

Purpose/objective of the position:

INTERSOS, in partnership with SV (Stichting Vluchteling), is implementing an integrated Non-Communicable Diseases and Mental Health programme in Telafar since the beginning of 2020. The project supports the MoH/DoH NCD-MH department in one PHCC in Telafar town, with a program intended to reach the objectives of 3 strategic pillars:

  • integration of NCD and MH care at primary health care level;
  • development of a robust set of quality data to confirm the effectiveness of this model of care;
  • advocacy: increasing awareness on NCD-MH needs and gaps and using evidence-based data to advocate for this model to be replicated in other locations and countries.

The role holder will

  • supervise the development and implementation of all mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) activities in the project, ensuring that patients receive the most appropriate support and quality of care, from diagnosis, treatment as well as referral to more specialized care for severe cases.
  • Be the focal point at the PHCC level for clinical counselling and capacity development on the psychological interventions at the health facility level, in charge of training and supervising heath staff.
  • Ensure reliable and accurate patient documentation and data are collected, shared and reported according to standards.


  1. Awareness Raising and Patient identification:
  • Identify cases with mental or emotional disorders through patient screening at the health facility level and follow up/monitor the referred cases, both internal and external ones.
  • Train the medical team and the CHW to identify and refer patients.
  • Organize training to increase awareness around MHPSS within the team (health staff, CHWs).
  • Support the INTERSOS Medical Activity Manager (MAM) to organize a mhGAP training for all the health team and CHWs.
  1. Referral:
  • develop a referral pathway for patients in need of different levels of MH care (for patients coming from the community, from other members of the health team, from other actors).
  1. Patient management for patients affected by mild to moderate MH conditions:
  • Evaluate and assess the psychological condition of patients and engage in individual counselling using the WHO Problem Management Plus (PM+) in a culturally acceptable manner.
  • Train other health staff in performing PM+, and provide ongoing (weekly) on site clinical supervision to empower the staff to run consultations autonomously in time. Training will also include topics such as effective communication, patient-medical staff relationship, and patient confidentiality.
  1. Patient management for patients affected by severe MH conditions:
  • refer patients to the GP at the health facility, who will treat the patient in collaboration with a psychiatrist.
  • Promptly identify potential medications side effects and flag them to the GP and psychiatrist.
  1. Clinical supervision:
  • perform regular clinical supervision of the staff performing counselling (one to one or group supervision, clients’ files review-Data review, in-session observation, multi-disciplinary team meeting/case discussion).
  1. Patient documentation:
  • Set up the standard patient file provided and ensure it is updated regularly and kept according to confidentiality standards. Collaborate closely with all the medical team, keeping MH patient psychological records separate from medical record.
  1. Data collection, monitoring, reporting:
  • Ensure a proper data collection system and establish a document process on cases, maintaining strict protocols for confidentiality and consent, and ensure that data protection protocols are respected.
  • Update the MH database and share monthly and quarterly report as per standard templates according to deadlines
  • external networking/representation: when possible, participate in the MHPSS working group with the objective of sharing experiences, increasing awareness on the type of program, creating meaningful relationship with key actor.

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