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National Consultants on Biodiversity

Job Overview

Location Baghdad
Type of contract Individual contract
Start Date 1 June 2021
End Date 26 July 2021
Post type National consultant
Duration of Initial Contract 2 months with a possibility of extension


  1. Background


The purpose of the PPG phase is to develop a comprehensive project proposal to guide the implementation of the GEF-funded Full sized Project “Promotion of Integrated Biodiversity Conservation and Land Degradation Neutrality in Highly Degraded Landscapes of Iraq” as described in the project concept (PIF), this project aims to promote integrated landscape management for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, natural resources and ecosystems services in the highly degraded landscapes in Iraq. This will be achieved through 4 interrelated components:

  • Component 1: Strengthened policies, frameworks (Sustainable Land Management, Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management)
  • Component 2: Measures avoiding degradation and biodiversity loss and land rehabilitation to improve ecosystem functions and services
  • Component 3: Demonstration of more sustainable flow of agro-ecosystem services through implementing nature-based solutions in Middle Euphrates Landscape
  • Component 4: Capacity Building and Knowledge Management

During the preparation phase, development of the project will be finalized, including undertaking stakeholder consultations, socializing the project strategy, develop common goals and outcomes with the government and participating governates as well as local partners, and collect existing geospatial and other data related to land use. This will facilitate participation and define relevant baseline and project activities; developing an M&E plan, including appropriate indicators; identifying appropriate implementing partners; and developing a CEO Endorsement Request package for submission to the GEF. The following text constitutes the PPG outline, including the activities and required expertise.






  1. Consultancy Scope of work


The National Consultants on Biodiversity will be responsible for contributing to tasks related to the development of the PPG, in particular they will take care of the national stakeholder analysis and mapping, of completing the baseline data analysis in their respective fields (biodiversity), implementing the stakeholder’s early engagement phase and support the organization and implementation of all stakeholder consultations and validation meetings. The National Consultant will provide input, studies and analysis to the Team Leader/International Consultant.

The National Consultants will work closely with the Ministry of Health and Environment in Iraq for coordination of the project inception workshop to help formulate the project plan.

The National Consultant will lead the national gap analysis, which will contribute to the baseline for Components 1 & 2 of the PIF in Iraq and support the completion of any additional studies that are determined to be needed for the preparation of the ProDoc and all other final outputs as guided by the PPG Team Leader.

The national consultant work will be overseen by both UNEP and UNDP to ensure that all the below are conducted appropriately.

The tasks will be carried out in close collaboration with the stakeholders mentioned in the PIF.

  1. Key Tasks and Responsibilities


Key products will include:

  • List of project stakeholders, including NGOs, senior government officials from relevant Ministries, UN officials, embassy officials of key donor countries, relevant multilateral officials, relevant private sector, incl. a detailed confidential analysis of their roles and responsibilities in project implementation, of their agenda and interests, the scope for positive and negative risks of each, and their level of influence;
  • Literature review and analysis report based on findings in gaps and barriers in legislation, policy, and capacity in their respective fields (biodiversity).
  • National baselines and data relevant to the priorities agreed on the basis of the literature review and interviews with government officials and stakeholders, describing the relevant legislation and policies as well as institutional arrangements in their respective fields (biodiversity).
  • Co-financing scoping document: report on national projects incl. funding sources which could be included as sources of co-financing and with whom it will be necessary to interact.
  • Support the stakeholder analysis and consultations and ensure that they are complete and comprehensive
  • Organize and implement early engagement consultations with key stakeholders
  • Development of National Context, including institutional, sectorial and policy context in their respective fields (biodiversity)
  • Integration with relevant Iraq development plans, policies, budgets and complementary projects
  • Analysis of the existing planning, policy and regulatory frameworks related to biodiversity conservation in Iraq (baseline studies)
  • Minutes of all in-country meetings, including inception workshop with Ministry, and other stakeholders.
  • Other tasks necessary for the completion of the projects within the scope of work.


  1. Reporting and coordination:


  • The national consultant will report directly to UNEP
  • S/he will coordinate technical specialists, government counterparts during the consultation and formulation process.
  • She/he will need to work closely with the UNEP and UNDP Country Office and teams for all the technical requirements of the program formulation process; and,
  • The UNDP Country Office will provide support for organizing meetings and workshops, and provision of other supporting functions and certify the quality of deliverables for payment


  1. Administration and reporting


UNDP will provide administrative support to the national consultant throughout the implementation of this service. However, he/she should be proactive in making appointments, organizing discussions and consultation meetings with key stakeholders, as needed/appropriate.


  1. Duration


The contract is effective from the date of signature by UNDP Iraq and the Individual Consultant.


  1. Selection criteria


The successful candidate will have a multi-disciplinary and professional background including in Development, Environmental science, Biodiversity and natural ecosystem or related fields with relation to disaster, strong technical skills in project design, development and management.

The following attributes are essential:

  • MSc in environmental management/sciences, conservation biology/ecology, natural resource management, or another related field. PhD is preferable. (20 points) (biodiversity consultant)
  • Relevant technical experience in thematic areas on Biodiversity with publishing related academic publications (20 points)
  • Practical experience in working with Environmental institutions and academia in Iraq and UN agencies;(15points)
  • Strong coordination skills on national and international levels. (10 points)
  • Practical experience on biodiversity national gap analysis. (15 points)
  • Good skills in reporting and translation Arabic-English. (10 points)


  1. Language and other skills:


  • Fluency in Arabic & English, both writing and speaking (10 points)


  1. Payment


The consultant must send a financial proposal for a total number of 6 months. The proposed fee shall quote an all-inclusive budget for the contract period. The term “all-inclusive” implies that all costs (professional fees, communications, consumables, etc.) that could be incurred by the National Expert in successfully completing the assignment/consultancy.


  1. Presence required on duty station/UNDP Country Office


12. Application


The application should contain:

  • Updated CV to include qualifications/competencies and relevant past experience in similar projects and contact details of 2 professional referees who can certify the candidate’s competencies, professionalism, quality of presentation and overall suitability for this assignment.

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