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National Warehouse Manager

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The National Warehouse Manager will be an essential position in implementing Process controls, monitoring procedures to ensure that the proper and centralized process functioning across all warehouse locations of TIQ. The position will assist management in the development and implementation of a formal program to audit all areas related to Warehouse Management for integrity and accuracy. This individual will lead the cycle counts in a program to identify and eliminate any problems found in daily cycle counts, Process correction and SOP follow up, System controls, Inbound & Outbound activities and all functions related to Warehouse Management.



  • Develop, implement, and monitor all key functions related to Warehouse Management to ensure that they are accurate and timely.
  • Coordinate a cycle count program in a perpetual inventory environment.
  • Coordinate the cycle count progress and results to identify necessary recounts and processes to be monitored and provide regular reports on the results.
  • Perform thorough document inventory discrepancies using all available resources to identify root causes and supply possible solutions.
  • Work with key personnel to effectively implement process improvements to operational procedures in an effort to proactively optimize overall locations and item level accuracy and maintain the highest possible productivity levels.
  • Coordinate the efforts of the cycle counts to identify and correct discrepancies on items at the location level as needed.
  • Will monitor warehouse and store transfers for accuracy and cost effectiveness as directed by Purchasing and Distribution Management.
  • Special Order SKU’s.
  • Expedites the daily flow of all special-order SKUs to include receiving, labeling, locating and timely shipping.
  • Monitors special order returns, provides reporting, and ensures quick returns.
  • Collaborate with warehouse employees and other staff to ensure business goals are met.
  • Report to management on stock levels, issues etc.


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