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Terre des hommes (Tdh) is the largest Swiss children’s relief organization. Since 1960, Tdh has been helping to build a better future for disadvantaged children and their communities through innovative and sustainable solutions. Present in 32 countries with an operational budget of more than 90 million Swiss francs, Tdh works with local and international partners to develop and implement in-field projects that improve daily lives of more than three million children and their families in the areas of health, protection and emergency. Our mission is financed by individual and institutional donors, with administrative costs kept to a minimum. In 2015, Tdh launched an integrated emergency WaSH, Child Protection and NFI response, following several waves of IDPs resulting from military operations to free Shirgat districts, as well as the South Mossul Corridor. Tdh with its 300 staff employees is currently implementing a 12 Million CHF emergency and rehabilitation program, throughout the country.


General description of the position

The WASH program manager will be based in the city of Telafar in the governorate of Ninewa. He/she will be in charge of the WASH activities conducted from the Telafar base in Telafar and Sinjar districts namely a community-based WASH rehabilitation/development project. The WASH PM will be responsible of the proper conduct of the project(s) for which he/she is responsible, the respect of commitments to donors (project indicators and targets, allocated budget, deadlines, reporting) and the quality of interventions while respecting Tdh’s Iraq delegation internal procedures This position is transitory as he/she will initially hold the position of DPM WASH for 3 months before taking full responsibility for WASH PM. During this period he/she will be accompanied by the current WASH PM expatriate.

Main responsibilities

  1. Human resources management
  • Plan monthly and weekly activities of his team members including movement plans in collaboration with logistic department and supervises on a daily basis the staff under his responsibility;
  • Plan and organize with HR service of the WASH team recruitment and revision of job descriptions;
  • Ensures the whole team has a clear understanding of the Tdh mandate and project overview;
  • Leads and manages staff, encouraging effective team work and providing supervision and guidance, including regular and constructive feedback;
  • Reports incidents and difficulties encountered with any staff members to the field coordinator ;
  • Organises and leads weekly team meetings and provides weekly program update and movement plan to the field coordinator;
  • Organise with his deputy program manager all staff members appraisals (every 6 months);
  • According to the identified needs, he/she organizes training and reinforces the skills of his/her team;
  1. Project Management
  • Develop, implement and monitor all component of WASH projects in accordance with donors commitments, local constraints and quality standards;
  • Carry out initial, intermediate and final assessments following M&E plan;
  • Plan project activities according to available resources (logistics, HR and finance), local constraints (access, seasonal calendars, security…) using the reference tools of the Tdh Iraq delegation (Project Follow-Up tool, Budget Follow-Up tool, Purchase plan, M&E plan…);
  • Regularly report on internal project progress to the field coordinator or donors (external reporting).
  1. Project strategy and planning 
  • Actively participate in Tdh WASH strategy design in collaboration with the field coordinator and the WASH coordinator or Deputy Country Representative;
  • Participates in technical capitalization throudh lessons learnt;
  • Being an actor in the search for quality in our interventions, the evolution of approaches and standards;
  • Develop tools (SoP, guidance notes, etc.) related to its interventions if necessary;
  • Participate actively in project development phases (assessments and definition of intervention strategies).
  1. MEAL 
  • Plan activities related to data collection, including verification of the achievement of project indicators;
  • Oversee the implementation of mobile data collection and database tools in collaboration with the MEAL team;
  • Ensuring data protection procedures;
  • Participate in collaboration with the MEAL team in the implementation of complaint and feedback response mechanisms
  1. Support services management
  • Forecast and follow up on expenditures related to the WASH project (budget holder);
  • Participates in budget revision exercises;
  • Prepares timely purchase requests and support the logistic department in the understanding of the request;
  • Plan the purchases necessary for the project taking into account the logistic constraints;
  • Schedule team field travel with the Deputy PM and communicate vehicle requirements in advance.
  • Support required actions by the administration related to WASH team management and supervision;
  • Identify logistic and admin support needs related to the WASH project and communicate on possible challenges to the field coordinator and/or relevant log/admin support staff.
  1. Capacity building
  • Strengthen the skills of the teams through constant informal support, workshops organization and/or training sessions;
  • Organize capacity building of local actors linked to the project (water directorate, water committees, community volunteers, WASH groups, etc.).
  1. Coordination
  • Work in close collaboration with Tdh other sectors (child protection and education) and promote a comprehensive integrated approach, particularly at the school level (WASH in schools);
  • Work in close collaboration and consultation with available government structures, non-government actors, cluster system and community representatives.
  1. Representation
  • Represents Tdh in meetings related to WASH projects with local actors;
  • Develop collaboration with the WASH deputy PM a network to facilitate the project acceptance and stakeholders’ contribution and ownership under;
  • Actively participate in the WASH cluster meetings (Mosul and Erbil) mainly remotely.
  1. Reporting
  • Provide compiled weekly WASH situation report to the field coordinator;
  • Plan and develop donor reports in collaboration with the grant manager;
  • Produce a detailed handover report before the end of the contract
  1. Security
  • Comply with Tdh security regulations and standard operation procedures linked with security and movements;
  • Report immediately any security/safety incident and/or risk to the field coordinator;
  • Inform and ensure compliance of the WASH staff on security rules.
  1. Child Safeguarding Policy
  • Commit to respect Tdh child safeguarding policy and global code of conduct;
  • Report immediately serious cases of abuse on children identified by the team to the field coordinator by respecting a strict confidentiality.
  1. Others
  • Undertake all other duties that may be determined by the field coordinator or the Country representative and that are compatible with his position;
  • Maintain and ensure a culture of strict confidentiality inter Tdh staff and between Tdh staff and non Tdh employees.



In particular:

  • Education degree (at least BSc, master degree preferred) in a relevant field such as civil engineering, water management (hydrology, hydraulics, water quality), environmental health, public health, rural development, land-use planning, international cooperation / relation;
  • Strong capacities in project management with significant experiences with international NGO;
  • 2 years previous work experience on a project management position;
  • Good skills in written and spoken English, Arabic compulsory;
  • Training and capacity building skills are desired;
  • Knowledge and strong interest in hygiene promotion, community mobilization, and behavior change communication is desirable;
  • Knowledge of rural hydraulics (boreholes and water network systems) will be considers as an asset;
  • Knowledge of the Ninawa governorate context will be considered;
  • Good knowledge of the different WASH stakeholders (State, local authorities, NNGO…) in Iraq and their different channels of communication.
  • Knowledge of infection prevention and control standard procedures linked with the COVID-19 pandemic will be considered as an asset.

As well as the following specific « professional »  competencies:

  • Strong leadership skills;
  • Ability to analyze (judgment, practicality) and to synthesize;
  • Ability to adapt and to be flexible;
  • Good work organization, autonomy, and compliance with deadlines;
  • Dynamic, motivated and with an excellent team spirit;
  • Good personal stress management and ability to absorb a large quantity of work per rush period;
  • Excellent ability to communicate, active listening and diplomacy competencies.
  • Ability to adapt to a challenging context;

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