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On-Camera Spokesperson

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Job Overview

Position Overview:

DLBEEN Group, a leading company for Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Consumer Healthcare Products, Oral Care, and hair care products, seeks a talented and charismatic female On-Camera Spokesperson to star in our engaging marketing videos. This role is perfect for someone with a passion for healthcare, and marketing outstanding acting skills, and the ability to deliver informative and persuasive scripts with a captivating presence.


Key Responsibilities

  1. Social Media Content Creation: star in short videos, product demonstrations, and informative content across DLBEEN social media platforms, highlighting the benefits of our products.
  2. Collaborate with Creative Teams: Work with DLBEEN videography directors and staff, embodying various presentations in videos as needed and required by directors.
  3. Event Representation: Attend conferences, trade shows, and company events, interacting with healthcare professionals, and potential customers, and demonstrate our products.
  4. Script Delivery and Presentation: Learn product information, key messages, and scripts, delivering them with clarity, enthusiasm, and persuasiveness on camera.
  5. Brand Embodiment: Project a professional image aligned with DLBEEN Group’s brands, exuding a passion for health and well-being.

  Qualifications and Requirements

  1. Native or Native-Level Arabic Fluency: Essential for effective communication and script delivery.
  2. Strong English and Kurdish Language Skills: Highly advantageous for reaching a wider audience.
  3. Diploma or bachelor’s degree: Preferred, ideally in a healthcare-related field, marketing, communications, or a performing arts discipline.
  4. Experience: Not required.
  5. Excellent On-Camera Presence: Confidence, charisma, and natural delivery in front of the camera.
  6. Passion for Healthcare: Genuine interest in health, wellness and healthy lifestyle.
  7. Adaptability and Team Orientation: Comfortable working independently and collaborating with various teams.

 Language Skills:

Native Arabic or Native level Arabic fluency and strong English (Writing, Reading, and

Please submit your resume, acting reel or video portfolio (if available), and a short introductory video showcasing your on-camera presence and language skills to the above-mentioned email and WhatsApp number.

More Information

  • This job has expired!