Outdoor Sales

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Outdoor Sales (Male)

Opening new sales channels (projects), at least two projects
Complete a full sale deal at least a month
• Knowing competition in the market and the needs of the current/new customers
• Contact internal channel partners to implement plans and provide customer expectations.
• Follow up on the sales number and the database.
• Follow up on proposals and agreements on a daily basis to secure deals.
• Visiting clients in Baghdad and the governorates regularly to ensure the quality of services and pay attention to customer needs.
• Responsible for achieving the goals set by the project manager, retail trade, and POS and must be able to secure higher revenues.
• Conducting a monthly and weekly ground survey to verify the availability of the product.
• Report sales problems with the proposed solutions to the manager.
• Evaluating the current team’s operations and procedures, determining and implementing improvements
Make reports and submit notes to management using statistical data
• Any additional task is required to cover the interest of the company and the sales department only.
Skills for an external sales official:

The ability to achieve the required sales percentage.

CRM customer relationship management

The ability to deal with MS Office programs.

Knowledge of different sales techniques.

The ability to communicate with different characters.

Proficiency in negotiation skills and providing appropriate solutions.
Having different display skills.

Work requirements for an external sales official job:

To obtain a bachelor’s degree in computer science or the like

Practical experience in the field of sales.
It is preferable to have a precedent of business that shows the achievement of the required sale


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