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As Parts Manager, you are responsible for the organization, control and efficiency of the entire Parts and Accessories area. Besides attaining the set procurement, sales, and profit targets, in this position you are responsible for the availability of parts, a high level of customer care and active sales of parts and accessories. Moreover, you are responsible for maintaining all logistical structures and processes, considering statutory requirements and specifications and standards of the manufacturer, and for planning, managing, and developing all human resources in the Parts department.



  • Organization and control in the Parts department:
    1. Define concrete measures for parts sales and in close coordination with the After-Sales Manager, based on strategic and operational goals and performance indicators for these and given the planning of investments, costs, unit sales and profits.
    2. Communicate and anchor goals for all defined measures within the Parts department and ensure implementation.
    3. Monitor and manage parts sales and logistics by consistent observation and analysis of performance indicators and key figures, with preparation and forwarding of the data to Service Management.
    4. Develop and steer corrective measures throughout the year to ensure achievement of annual targets.
    5. Regularly communicate measures to all staff and supervisors and also coordinate with them, providing feedback on the effectivity of the measures in question on a regular basis.


  • Parts market development:
  1. Implement systematic and cross-divisional Parts market development.
  2. Develop a pricing and product range strategy as well as create transparency and segmentation of the
  3. customer structure in the Parts department.
  4. Create marketing planning for the Parts department in coordination with internal service marketing
  5. (e. g. Service/Parts Marketing Specialist), car sales, and/or the central contact persons for the national organization.
  6. Use individual as well as centrally created and sales-supportive marketing measures for sales promotion and customer acquisition based on market observations.
  7. Retain the implementation and effectiveness of marketing measures and, if necessary, readjust and communicate to Service Management.


  • Process management and quality assurance:
  1. Ensure cost-efficiency through optimization of processes for procurement, inventory planning and sales.
  2. Ensure the quality of work, processes, and advisory service through the development of quality targets and standards, appropriate optimization in the event of deviations and monitor compliance, with the aim of the best possible stock keeping and customer support.
  3. Consistently implement and control optimization measures for the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction (CSI).
  4. Ensure compliance with all legal requirements and manufacturer-related specifications (e. g. stocktaking).
  5. Ensure a brand representative atmosphere in the parts department (for example in the display area for parts and accessories).


  • Complaint management:
  1. Create the framework conditions for maintaining a complaint management process together with the interfaces required for optimal customer service.
  2. Create staff awareness as regards the goals and tasks of professional and sustainable complaint management through agreement on guidelines, rules of conduct and performance standards.
  3. Conduct complaint conferences and derive appropriate measures.
  4. Evaluate complaints both qualitatively as well as quantitatively, to analyze causes of the problems and to initiate optimization in the given process.
  5. Participate in regular communication and work closely together with Service and Sales Management to ensure ongoing communication with respect to complaints, with the aim of achieving high customer satisfaction.




  • Several years professional experience in parts sales & logistics, ideally at Mercedes-Benz
  • Experience in leading employees and teams
  • Experience in dealing with customers and suppliers
  • Marketing experience
  • Knowledge about current software applications (e. g. MS Office).
  • Familiar with the company and market-specific IT applications for parts sales and logistics (e. g. DMS, Vororder tools, logistics bus, EWA, EVA, VeDoc, KRIS, WebParts, EPC).
  • Familiar with the company and market-specific analysis tools: available from the DMS, logistics bus (Controlling and assortment).
  • You understand methods and tools for corporate and market analyses (e. g. SWOT).
  • You can implement working techniques and methods of self and team management.
  • You have very good knowledge about the basic key figures and levers in parts sales & logistics.
  • You have a good background in marketing (market cycles, marketing mix).
  • You know the structure and logic of Mercedes-Benz parts/accessories sales and the warehouse organization, goods receiving and shipping, and counter sales.
  • You have good knowledge of the parts/accessories assortment of Mercedes-Benz and the competition.
  • You know how to negotiate.
  • You are able to make reliable statements as regards prices, discounts, parts availability, delivery dates and lead times.
  • You have a good understanding of price and discount calculations for parts and accessories.
  • You have basic legal knowledge (e. g. warranties, contracts, employee rights, pricing as well as data protection).
  • You know the statutory requirements for occupational health, safety, fire and environmental protection.


  • English, Arabic and/or Kurdish

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