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Parts Planning Specialist

Job Overview

Ensure that the inventory control system shows & distinguishes the life cycle of each number & that each number has distinctive product characteristics & each number has fluctuations in demand.

Applying inventory management techniques & using them effectively to enable monitoring & auditing of inventory, demand & orders through the system:

Inventory Class Code (ICC)                        ❷            Special Classification Code (SCC)

Maximum Inventory Calculation (MIP) ❹            Monthly Average Demand calculation & classification into actual & created.

Order Parameters O/C, L/T, S/S              ❻            Calculation of suggested order qty (SOQ) for stock replenishment.

Analyzing the causes of irregularities in demand, orders, & inventory, using the effective use of system reports information.

Checking the roots of these causes & working to prevent their recurrence simultaneously & later permanently through Kaizen

Improving the inventory control structure & cooperating with other departments such as the sales & logistics departments in the Kaizen application

Follow macro monitoring & control systems at the classification level (ICC, SCC) & micro at the number level.

Separate actual demand from created demand & apply the concept of “sell one buy one” (S1B1) or “just in time” (JIT) & the concept of small lot frequent order (SLFO) in all stages of the supply chain.

Confirming proforma (WIPs) into final invoices after checking them through the daily allocation monitoring program (if available) & ensuring that the required quantities do not exceed the monthly demand rate or the customer demand rate.

Monitoring the registration of the demand by the field specialists, separating the actual demand from the created demand, & stopping the sale or demand for some items as per market variables & the management direction.

Making the approved sales returns in the system & mentioning the reasons to study & analyze them.

Confirm shipments received in the system (GRN) according to the supplier’s invoices & after obtaining the expenses of the shipment & deliver the GRNs to accounts.

Preparing the final report of discrepancies (PDR/SMR) for the received shipments to be submitted to the line MGR & photographing the damaged parts.

Photographing the damaged parts in stock or during the course of their transport or any operation, removing them from the system, & preparing the annual insurance claim file with the required attachments.

Prepare the LQPR report in coordination with the W/H on the condition of packaging of parts received from Japan & the proposal to improve it, after providing the necessary info. & attachments such as photos & invoices.

Updating the parts master with new advised info. from suppliers for replenishment stock orders in terms of canceled, replacement or B/O numbers or FOB prices.

Updating the orders database so that the supplier’s proforma invoice information in terms of numbers, quantities & prices matches the file of each order in the system.

Preparing daily stock replenishment orders through the system, studying them accurately, adjusting the proposed quantities according to expected demand, market indicators & the order plan, preventing duplication of demand of substitute parts.

Study urgent VOR orders before ordering them by air, following up on their availability, expected & final arrival dates (ETA, ATA), & updating the related parties, accordingly.

Implementing the B/O system for unavailable orders, ordering them from suppliers, & releasing them immediately upon arrival in new shipments on the basis of (first order – first cleared) & working to reduce the numbers, quantities, & duration of B/O arrival as much as possible by strengthening inventory control & setting correct stock parameters & reduce the total ETA.

Follow up the shipment of orders from suppliers until they arrive & receive them in the system at all stages.

Identify moving banned Items from suppliers, securing them from alternative sources, & ensuring their permanent availability.

Participate in PS & QCC inventory control projects/activities to develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) within the framework of BR & Kaizen

Study the daily & monthly reports & analyze the inventory of CPD & dealers to search for any defects/irregularities & develop countermeasures & plans to improve the monthly inventory & service rate & reach the targeted KPI.

Monitoring the daily allocation & release, especially for wholesalers, through the computer system in line with the department’s standards in terms of limiting created demand & sudden demand & maintaining a high supply rate.

Monitoring inventory in regard of moving stock not to reach the warning or zero point & preparing a list of dead stock based on system reports, in-depth analysis of the movement of each number, & submitting recommendations to the department’s management to deal with it.

Monitoring & checking the conformity of the actual inventory in the warehouse with the book in the system, by participating in making sudden perpetual inventories, in coordination with accounts.

Cooperate with accounts & IT to prepare the annual inventory files & assisting the internal & external auditors to perform their work.

Communicate & interact with dealer’s inventory control & front-line associates.

Communicate with CPD sales teams & discuss to look at the expected sales in the market & warranty sales to avoid the created demand & to separate it when it is entered into the system from actual demand

Skills and Competencies

–  Communication

–  Supply Chain

– Inventory management

–  Customer satisfaction

– Strategic planning

–  Vehicle mechanics & EPC

–  Inventory KPIs

– Toyota Way, TPS

–  MS office package, especially excel

– Toyota 10 competencies

Experience and Qualification

–  2-5 Years in order planning or inventory controller position, preferably 3 years in the same title.


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