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perations Volunteer – Tikrit / Salahadin – (SAD/041)

Job Expired

Job Overview



Operations Volunteer




Full Time

All INTERSOS staff are expected to perform their roles and responsibilities according to the INTERSOS charter of values, code of ethics, PSEA and Child Protection policies. The job description is mandatory for all positions within INTERSOS and shall be signed by the staff.


Purpose/objective of the position:

operations volunteer is supervised by the Operation Manager and s/he is responsible for ensuring smooth operations in SAD district with regard to Logistics, Finance and Administration, and Human Resource procedures.

Main responsibilities/duties :

  • The individual will serve as the main liaison between the Tikrit office and SAD community centers, overseeing SAD community center’s overall functionality. And will ensure that the facility operates smoothly. This entails not only identifying and communicating issues across various departments but also ensuring that all challenges and problems are addressed and resolved to completion.
  • Act as a central point of contact for operations, facilitating communication between field level operations and the main office to address operational requirements.
  • Ensure the community center is open and closed according to the schedule timings.
  • As a representative of the finance department, this individual will actively participate in monitoring cash disbursements in the field, reporting on the amount disbursed, and ensuring that disbursements adhere to INTERSOS SOPs and the donor’s rules and procedures.



  • Collaborating with SAD logistics officer, s/he will serve as the key point of contract for daily movements, maintaining formal communication with the logistics department to ensure that all vehicles are punctual and well-maintained (clean and equipped with face masks).
  • s/he will take on the role of overseeing the logistics needs of the centers and staff, including stationary supplies, IT equipment, scratch cards, and COVID-19 PPE, this involves liaising with logistics department to initiate purchase requests and ensure the availability of goods for the staff.
  • Working in conjunction with the HR department, s/he will ensure that all new employees have the necessary equipment (IT, desk, etc.) to commence work on their first day.
  • In coordination with the logistics officer, s/he will see to it that all maintenance requirements at the center are promptly addressed, adhering to the procurement manual’s procedures.
  • s/he will coordinate and ensure that the cleaning and security tasks at the center are carried out in a timely manner.

Security :

  • S/he immediately communicates any security issues concerning the center to the Operation Manager and/or the security/Liaison Officer.
  • Any violation of security procedures is reported to the Operation Manager and/or the security/Liaison Officer.
  • S/he is accountable for overseeing and enforcing safety measures within the Center and in vehicles.
  • S/he is responsible for tracking the movements of staff traveling to or within SAD. In coordination with Security/Liaison officer.

Human Resources : 

  • Distribute and gather timesheets/attendance sheets and pay slips of staff and volunteers from/to their respective line managers and forward them to the Tikrit main office HR, in collaboration with the HR Officer.
  • Gather input from staff and volunteers regarding any missing salary payments.
  • Under the HR officer’s guidance, promote local job openings, collect CVs when the application deadline is reached, and transmit them to the central office.
  • Support the HR officer with archiving of documents.

Finance :

  • Assist in maintaining and organizing financial records, including invoices, receipts, and expense reports. This may involve data entry and file management.
  • help with bank statement reconciliation to ensure that financial records match actual bank statements.
  • Support in processing invoices by verifying accuracy, obtaining approvals, and making payments in a timely manner.
  • Assist employees or vendors with expense reimbursement procedures, ensuring proper documentations and compliance with reimbursement policies.
  • Maintain an organized filling system for financial documents, making it easier to retrieve information and track financial records efficiently.

Person Specification:

Education and professional experience: 

  • Fresh graduate, with a bachelor’s degree (regardless of the field)
  • Basic knowledge of HR, finance, logistics, administration and the humanitarian context is a plus.
  • Intuitive and good in administrative works. 

Competencies: (Knowledge, Skills & Abilities) :

  • Computer literacy (Word, Excel)
  • Confidentiality, respect, and non-discriminatory attitude
  • Good facilitation skills
  • Ability to work under pressure 

Languages :

  • Fluency in Arabic and Good English (written and spoken)

More Information

  • This job has expired!