PUI (Premiere Urgence Intenational)


Job Expired

Job Overview


Overall purpose: 

The pharmacist is in charge of the pharmacy stock management according to the good storage and distribution practices. This includes storage, consumption follow-up, procurement, and distribution of drugs, consumables, medical material and equipment. The pharmacist is also in charge of providing treatment precautions use and recommendations to the patients.

Responsibilities and scope of duties: 

  • Ensure the collection and analysis of data
  • Ensure the supply management of the base, in collaboration with the central pharmacist
  • Ensure appropriate management of medical stock following Première Urgence Internationale and international standards in all relevant areas of work
  • Ensure dispensation of drugs
  • Manage and support the pharmacy team
  • Ensure an accurate reporting on pharmaceutical data and work closely with the doctors, PHCC Manager, Pharmacist Assistant, and all the other members of the medical team.

Specific goals and related activities: 

  • Be able to provide at any given time reliable information on stock, consumption, use of medicines and health products for each project.
  • Assist the central pharmacist storekeeper in updating stock information when required
  • Create/update the stock-cards of the drug/medical material/equipment received and other tools in a timely manner
  • Ensure regular and appropriate use of the management document (inventory records, delivery notes, computer tools etc.)
  • Update the global stock inventory
  • Ensure the storage of the items according to good practises of storage
  • Compile, in collaboration with the medical doctor and PM, a stock transfer request to the central pharmacy
  • Work closely with the medical department to check, in relation to epidemiological data, the status of stocks and the consumptions and assess the appropriateness of prescriptions.


  • Ensure order reception by veryifing and recording the quantity and quality of the drugs/medical materials/equipment received. Inform central pharmacy and supervisor in the event of non-compliance.
  • Prepare purchase order/supply request regarding the average monthly consumption, the stock level and supply delay in collaboration with the medical doctor and PHCC Manager
  • Validate the purchase/supply request with the Project manager and send the stock transfer request to the central pharmacy
  • Update the global stock inventory
  • Set up and maintain the pharmacy stock according to good storage practices (storage of drugs by categories, alphabetic order and expiry date…)
  • Ensure that FEFO (first expired first out) is respected
  • Implement and ensure the stock follow up by calculating the average monthly consumption and minimal stock level for the main items
  • Implement stock management system for each item and update each stock card/follow up in a timely manner
  • Ensure a physical inventory of the pharmacy and medical stock, including consumables and laboratory material on a monthly basis
  • Inform the medical doctor in case of any missing/damaged/expired item
  • Make sure that the main stock and the pharmacy are kept clean
  • Organise effective destruction and quarantine of damaged items in collaboration with the Central pharmacist
  • Ensure pharmacovigilance including the immediate report of any problem with the quality of a drug in accordance with PUI pharmaceutical management procedures.
  • Assist with monthly stock inventories of central pharmacy stock if needed
  • Ensure all medical equipment is prepared for the day
  • Deliver the treatment to the patient according to medical doctor prescription
  • Explain the posology, and providing advices and precaution of use
  • Prepare the drugs for the pharmacy on a weekly basis according to the needs
  • Provide training and technical support to the staff in charge of pharmacy on stock management, rational use, substitution, analysis of consumption of health facilities.
  • Strengthen the capacity of health facilities teams so that they can assume their duties independently and can be critical in terms of consumption.
  • Ensure the supervision and administrative management of the pharmacy team (attendance sheets, appraisals…)


  • Participate in medical team meetings
  • Ensure the proper classification of documents and archives.
  • Participate to appropriate trainings provided by Première Urgence Internationale, DoH and other organisation
  • Share pharmacy data and information with the medical doctors and PHCC Manager
  • Translates documents and/or interpret conversation when necessary
  • Participate in any other activities such as vaccination, survey, etc…according to the needs
  • Is aware of the security rules and social and political situation in the field at any time and provides feedback to the PHCC Manager
  • Ensure that all patients and their relatives are treated equally with respect of ethical and confidential issues and Première Urgence Internationale Chart
  • Report to the Project Manager/ PHCC Manager any problem in the pharmacy especially the gap/loss/robbery/damage of drugs or any patient and organisational issue


Required knowledge and skills
Required desirable
Education / Training


  Degree in pharmacy   Training in community or public health


Professional experience   Experience as a pharmacist


Experience in a patient-facing role

  Experience in community or public health

Experience with an NGO

Knowledge and skills



Knowledge of International Nonproprietary Names

Excellent communication and analytical skills

Excellent organisational skills

Site/office management skills

IT skills  (Excel)

Understanding of the KR-I medical system, particularly in Anbar governorate, and with reference to services available at different types of facility and the referral system

  Ability to work in unstable circumstances

Knowledge of project management

Good knowledge of humanitarian principles





Kurdish (badini)










Pack Office (Excel, word)






Required Personal Characteristics (fitting into team, suitability for the job and assignment/mission)
Good relational capacities


Well organized

Team spirit

Training skills

Ability to take initiative to deal with difficulties encountered in daily work and suggest improvement

Autonomy, neutrality

Motivation to help people in need

Conflict resolution and diplomacy experience

Good communication and diplomacy skills to manage relationship in potentially tense situations

More Information

  • This job has expired!