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Pharmacy Assistant for the Mobile clinics – Baa’j

Job Overview


Purpose/objective of the position:

Objective 1: Evaluate the quality and conditions of drugs and equipment and ensure appropriate storage, stocking in line with national/international storage standards. 

– Verify the drugs and equipment received as per the technical specification (i-e generic name or formula, dosage form, etc) in Pharmacy or warehouse;

– Physical inspection on the quality of the medicines and equipment received (in pharmacy or warehouse) as per Delivery note/waybill, Procurement request or goods reception note;

– Ensure proper storage of medicines and equipment by standard pharmacy protocols as per INTERSOS and WHO guidelines with proper record keeping (delivery note, goods reception note, bin card, stock card, stock register, etc);

– Guide the store keeper/sin the supported health facilities to organize medicines and equipment in pharmacy as per the routes of administration or alphabetical order;

– Timely remind program team on near expiry (6 months as per WHO standards for the country) and manage the near expiry medicines and supplies;

– Follow up logistic team to update and maintain pharmacy and warehouse room temperature and humidity to acceptable level;

– With the help of logistic/Store keepers, maintain the medical storage free from accumulated waste and vermin;

– Keep space clean with tidy stacking of boxes on/in racks or pallets;

– Place a written sanitation program on frequency of cleaning and methods to be used to clean the premises and storage areas;

– Ensure the storage site is safe and adequate measures are taken to minimize the risk of fire, theft and any other physical hazard;

– Ensure correct storage, stock rotation and guarantee appropriate and accurate stock control and recording all time.

Objective 2: Acquisition of medicines and distribution of medicines and equipment to the field offices/warehouses, PHCCs and hospitals: 

– Receive and consolidate all supply requests from field teams (through support of medical activity manager (MAM) and MAM Assistants) and organize with logistic/program teams for timely supply of drugs and medicines to field pharmacies or stores;

– Organize drugs storage according to international standards (route of administration, alphabetical order of International Nonproprietary Name, FEFO principle, clear labeling with INN + dosage + pharmaceutical form + expiry date);

– Maintain regularly register book by category of medicines, by donor and programs;

– Liaise with field teams if case of any expiry products remained in the field and take necessary actions for appropriate disposal;

– Conduct frequent visits to field pharmacies/stores and ensure equipment management and transportation to the supported health facilities.

Objective 3: Reporting and record keeping:(Medical activity manager will support him/her to get all essential information from PHCCs regularly and timely)

– Update and maintain bin cards as per supply at main Pharmacy;

– Keep and maintain daily pharmacy register at main pharmacy and in field pharmacies;

– Prepare and keep daily, weekly and monthly consumption documents in pharmacies;

– Analyze the regular consumption reports based on the case load and provide feedback to INTERSOS health team on regular bases;

– Provide regular updates of medical stock, drugs consumption and monthly request by the field team; – Ensure that the disbursement of medicine and equipment is on time, appropriately and record is maintained accordingly;

– Provide feedback to the medical coordinator and medical activity managers in issues related to the drug management, expiry date, stock and monthly supply of the health facilities and mobile units; – Share information with other department and proper liaison with the logistic department for better flow of medicines and equipment in and out of the warehouse/main pharmacy.


Objective 4: follows established national /international standard policies, procedures and objectives to ensure maintenance of quality of store management and improvement of surrounding environment (support medical activity manager through on job coaching of DoH staff)

– Set correct room temperature and level of moisture by keeping daily track record;

– Maintain the stock register and the minimum stock level of the medicines as per need;

– Ensure quality control of medicine and medical equipment in the warehouse and/or drugs; – Maintain overall activities in the main pharmacy/ warehouse;

– Oversee the destruction process of expired unused medicines in line with INTERSOS, WHO and national drugs disposal policy;

– Participate on evaluation of potential local suppliers according to INTERSOS standards on request of line manager;

– Organize a monthly physical inventory and provide the stock balance at the end of each month to medical coordinator/medical activity manager;

– Update the stock cards and the electronic files according to the stock movements;

– Ensure that updated stock and consumption records can be provided upon request for any reporting;

– Assist in development and implementation of drug consumption tools in supported facilities; – Collaborate closely with and build the capacities of dispensers of supported health facilities; – Prepare a monthly activity report to submit to Line Manager;

– Compile drug consumption per month and per health facility;

– Implement, with the support of Medical Coordinator and Medical Activity Manager, INTERSOS SoPs  for pharmacy management;

– Fulfil any other tasks related to his/her work as assigned by Project Medical Referent /Medical Activity Manager.



Generic Duties:

– Experience in the humanitarian field and health/nutrition

– Good knowledge of medical products and supplies.

– Good computer user/skills in Microsoft Excel.

– Good team spirit and ability to work under pressure

– Good analytical capacity

– Ability to think independently and identify data discrepancies

– Attention to details and good numeric accuracy.

– Flexibility and adaptability.

– Experience designing and implementing electronic data collection methods


– Understanding of confidentiality requirements for medical data is a plus

– Experience working in a multi-organizational team (international and national partners) is a  plus.

– Strong written and oral communication skills in English required, including report

development, writing and editing.

– Demonstrated attention to detail, ability to follow procedures, meet deadlines and work  independently and cooperatively with team members.



Qualifications & Preferred Skills

Education and professional experience:

  • University Degree in pharmacy or related field
  • Minimum 2 years relevant professional experience in pharmacy


Competencies: (Knowledge, Skills & Abilities)

  • Computer literacy (Word, Excel, Power Point)
  • Good leadership skills
  • Strong technical knowledge in protection
  • High confidentiality, respect and non-discriminatory attitude
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong analytical and report writing skills
  • Strong planning and organizational skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and as part of a team



  • Fluency in Arabic and/or Kurdish (written and spoken)
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken)

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