PUI (Premiere Urgence Intenational)

PHCC Manager – Bersivi Camp

Job Overview

Overall purpose

The main objective of the PHCC Manager is to ensure the daily work of the PHCC including all health activities,  with good team management, and contribute to the data collection and reporting.

Responsibilities and scope of duties

  • Organise the daily work of the clinic
  • Ensure a good PHCC organisation, team management, good quality of health care, data collection and reporting.
  • Represent PUI with camp authorities and other partners
  • Assist the Health Program Manager in his tasks and responsibilities
  • Ensure monitoring, reporting and follow up of the medical data in collaboration with the MEAL team
  • Organise meetings and trainings for a better communication and capacity building among the team

Specific goals and related activities



Patient care:

  • Ensure nursing duties organisation, including: triage, dressings, injections, growth monitoring and distribution of drugs according to nurses protocols, precautions, hygiene standards and doctor’s prescriptions
    • Supervise medical activities including consultations, referrals, data collection, prescription, and reporting according to protocols.
    •  Ensure the management of the referrals according to referral protocol
    • Ensure that health education according to the protocols and key messages are well provided
    • Organize and monitor the waste management according to the waste management procedures
    • Be available for any emergency
    • Support the team in its daily work
    • Work in close collaboration with the health program manager and report all his activities, observations and needs.
    • Ensure that all patients are treated equally with respect of ethical and confidential issues and Première Urgence Internationale Charte
    • Ensure that the medical consultation is done according to the consultation protocol.
    • Ensure that the patient receives the prescribed medicines according to the prescription and instructions for use according to standards.



    Drugs, medical equipment and supply:

    • Ensure that PHCC is properly supplied with materials and drugs for the consultation day
    • In collaboration with the team and the HPM prepare drugs and material requests
    • Ensure that expiry dates of drugs are checked
    • Ensure that drugs and materials storage respect standard rules (hygiene, notification, stock cards…)
    • Ensure that the medical material is clean and sterilised
    • Ensure that work place is clean
    • Ensure that FEFO (first expired first out) is respected
    • Assist the Health Program Manager in preparing Purchase Requests and follows up the procurement process in coordination with logistics department
    • Support the Health Program Manager in managing program budget and financial follow up
    • Assist the Health Program Manager in the development of new interventions


  • Support the Health Program Manager in the recruitment process for new team members
  • Assist the HPM in writing or amending job profiles as needed
  • Organize and supervise team work regarding team capacity in order to cover all PHCC needs
  • Organize and follow up the monthly planning of the team members
  • Ensure the respect of Première Urgence Internationale rules and inform the HPM of any disrespect of the rules
  • Ensure the respect of paid leave procedure
  • Manage and supervise CHW team
  • Manage the regular evaluation of medical staff in collaboration with the health program manager
  • Manage all PHCC staff timetable, annual leave and attendance sheets


  • Support the Health Program Manager in implementing monitoring and evaluation tools
  • Support the Health Program Manager in the follow-up of project indicators
  • Assist the Health Program Manager in writing reports for donors, DOH or any such reports as may be required
  • Support Health Program Manager in managing program FFU and BFU.
  • Support the Health Program Manager in the development of new interventions


  • Supervise the data collection:
    • Medical prescription (readable, dated and signed)
    • Epidemiological data and all medical/nonmedical data Drugs and medical materials and nonmedical material consumption
    • Supervise the weekly medical reports and HIS report
    • Report all the previous information to the HPM and collaborate to the weekly reporting (narrative and epidemiologic)
    • Ensure that patients’ monitoring tools are available in necessary quantities


  • Debrief on a daily basis with the medical team and the health program manager
  • Attend Première Urgence Internationale internal medical team meeting
  • Attend coordination meetings with partners outside (DoH, clusters…) and inside the camp


  • Ensure training of medical team in collaboration with HPM
  • Ensure training of CHW team in collaboration with HPM
  • Assess the needs of training
  • Assess the level of knowledge after the trainings



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