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Médecins Sans Frontières is a private, non-profit international humanitarian organization dedicated to providing medical assistance to populations in crisis, without discrimination and regardless of race, religion, creed or political affiliation.

MSF / Baghdad Medical Rehabilitation Centre is seeking for: PHYSIOTHERAPIST (Full Time Job)



  • Bachelor in physiotherapy/Diploma in physiotherapy
  • 2 years, experience with MSF is an asset
  • Arabic, Basic English required
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in traumatology, orthopaedics and chest physiotherapy
  • Ability to communicate properly with patients, families/ caretakers and medical staff
  • Ability to work within a team
  • Time and work management abilities as well as autonomy
  • Motivated, dynamic; able and willing to take initiative
  • Professional attitude and committed to work in the best interest of the patients
  • Flexibility/ Willingness to learn and develop professionally


The physiotherapist provides physiotherapy care for patients, with mainly traumatology injuries, during and post hospitalization, aiming to obtain normal to near normal functioning, considering the patient’s condition / disability.

  • Assess patient physical capacities, using different procedures (e.g. functional capacity tests) in order to set up treatment objectives with the patient and therefore improve patient’s health and wellbeing.
  • Elaborate and implement physiotherapy programmes, including physiotherapy exercises, manipulations, massages, education, utilization of physiotherapy devices and orthopedic equipment, educating and advising patients and their caretakers on how to prevent (complications)and/or improve conditions, in order to accelerate and improve activity results.
  • Train patients and caretakers on how to avoid injury in order to create preventive behaviors.
  • Actively monitor and report physiotherapy activities (correctly filling in patient files, forms, statistics, and reports) and analyze these statistics in order to improve quality service, preserving patient’s data traceability.
  • Take care of physiotherapy equipment, managing the stock, making orders according to activity and cleaning up the equipment, in order to ensure its continuous availability and quality of service.
  • Report to the technical referen (physiotherapy supervaisor)at any problem arising in the service, especially the loss/ robbery/damage of medical equipment or medicines in order to implement the appropriate measures.
  • Take responsibility for maintaining professional development by keeping up to date with evidence based practice for managing patients

The physiotherapist provides physiotherapy care for patients, with mainly traumatology injuries, during and post hospitalization, aiming to obtain normal to near normal functioning, considering the patient’s condition / disability. He implements MSF protocols, good clinical practice and adheres to medical confidentiality policies.


  • Follow the assessment guidelines of the department. Reassess the patient’s condition on a regular basis and based on this, adapt the treatment plan as needed..
  • Assess the functional status of all patients and their need for assistive devices or any other support regarding their functional mobility on arrival and as needed during their stay in the project.


  • Implement physiotherapy programmes
  • Train patients for the proper use of various assistive devices. Adjust the assistive devices to the patient’s needs.
  • establish a therapeutic relationship with the person receiving care;
  • Give the patient individualized home exercises before discharge.
  • Provide training to families and caretakers on home exercises, as appropriate.
  • Conduct a detailed handover regarding the content of the physical therapy to his / her physiotherapy colleagues as appropriate.
  • Participate actively in preparation of IPD rounds and OPD meetings (or attend upon request of supervisor) by sharing the patient’s physiotherapy status, problems and progress; and request physiotherapy prescriptions as needed.
  • Communicate with BMRC healthcare professionals regarding the patient’s problems, needs and progress.
  • Conduct multidisciplinary therapy sessions with Mental health and or Nursing as indicated.
  • Follow MSF protocols for infection control and hygiene.


  • Record notes in the patient’s file and include any changes in the patient’s status, therapy goals or surgeon’s consultation findings.
  • Record quantitative and qualitative data in the EMR.


  • Participating in delivering training for external trainees upon request by the manager.

Attend all regularly scheduled trainings and meetings necessary for professional development and team coordination and upon request.

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