Job Overview

At Eni, we are looking for a Pipeline Mechanical Engineer within ZFOD in Basra, Iraq. You will be responsible for supervising and directing Engineering Detail Contractors during the design, procurement, and construction activities, ensuring the quality of the works according to the contract requirements.

As a member of the engineering team at ZFOD you will be responsible for:

  • Providing technical input, in line with project requirements, into technical studies and Basis of Design for onshore and offshore production and processing facilities.
  • Ensuring a smooth and effective transfer of data and information between Contractors and between Contractors and the Company.
  • Supervising the piping engineering work assigned to external design institutes and engineering companies, to ensure delivery of the work according to the plan and Eni standards.
  • Performing the preparation of technical documentation for tenders and perform the technical bid evaluation of the technical offers received.
  • Identifying and creating/adopting appropriate pipeline engineering standards, with due consideration of the environmental and logistic conditions of the equipment.
  • Complete assigned work on time to meet Eni-ZFOD objectives. The work will include review of Field Modification Requests, investigations, site surveys, feasibility studies, conceptual design, detailed design, calculations, cost estimation, preparation of scope of works, preparation of the first MTO (material take off), production of isometric drawings, pipeline and equipment layout drawings, engineering reports and material specification activities assigned to the Pipeline engineering discipline;
  • Performing reverse engineering, making measurements on the field and revert them into isometric drawings.
  • Optimizing installation and construction activities / sequences, minimizing cost and safety risks.
  • Assessing capabilities and limitations of detail design contractors and incorporating in development planning and risk mitigation processes.
  • Participating to technical integrity activities and reviews/audits.
  • Competencies in Pipeline stress analysis.
  • Coordinating the pipeline design activities.
  • Participating in the definition of the overall project architecture.
  • Participating on development and mechanization of P&ID either internally developed or received from a Licensor as part of a Process Design Package (P&ID with Engineering Mechanization);
  • Liaising with other functions to guarantee synergy within the project.
  • Preparing technical documentation relating to subcontracting of works, within onshore pipeline engineering scope.
  • Preparing pipeline Basic Engineering Design Data (BEDD), ensuring compliance with Local Regulation, International Codes and COMPANY Standards, with all the design input data required (these include also live, seismic, thermal expansion loads and pig ability requirements where applicable);
  • Supporting for the preparation of reconnaissance, geotechnical, topographical and midocean survey specification (or scope of work) in the field area of interest or along the pipeline corridor/route.
  • Performing geotechnical design, including pipe soil interaction, with the support of Geotechnical specialists.
  • Supporting for the preparation of reconnaissance, geotechnical and topographical survey specification (and eventually scope of work preparation if not developed in the feasibility/concept phase), with the support of the Geotechnical specialists and EM to confirm the current status of the activity.
  • Define (with Flow Assurance support) the key input data for the pipeline design (operating temperature and pressure profiles, density, flowrate and optimal Internal Diameter (ID);
  • Supporting for the definition of pipeline material for construction.
  • Supporting for the definition of pipeline material external coating;
  • support for the definition of cathodic protection system and support CONTRACTORS in preparing the typical anode drawings;
  • Supporting for the definition of welding and NDT specifications;
  • Collaborating and interfacing with HQ Flow Assurance department (FLOA) and HQ Material Corrosion department (MACO) for what concerns insulation coating system (if any);
  • Defining the most suitable pipeline routing, with the aim to minimize the interference with landowners, avoiding environmentally sensitive areas, ensuring enough accessibility, minimizing the crossing points, using the available sources of information;
  • Supporting Flow Assurance in the performance of the flow assurance studies.
  • Implement the inputs received from Flow Assurance in the pipeline system design;
  • Performing Pipeline mechanical calculation (i.e., Wall thickness, crossing, etc) buoyancy verification and upheaval buckling verifications (applicable for buried pipelines operating typically at elevated temperatures);
  • Ancillary facilities design (i.e., pig traps, valve stations) with support of other disciplines;
  • Performing constructability design, incl. Pipeline RoW (Right of Way) design and definition, types of construction plant machinery and working width, Trench excavation and back-fill;
  • Performing Pipeline Stress Analysis and expansion loops design;
  • Crossing Design including assessment of the application of trenchless construction methods (e.g., Horizontal Directional Drilling, Micro-tunnelling, TBM method etc.) for pipeline;
  • Preparing pipeline typical/detail drawings;
  • Preparing (with the support of CAD specialist) alignment sheets, approach drawings and detail crossing drawings for pipeline;
  • Preparing MTO report (material take offs) for pipeline materials;
  • Preparing BOQ report for pipeline construction estimation;
  • Preparing ITT package for pipeline material supply and supply follow-up, including line pipe, bends, valves, coatings, PLRs, flanges, tees, forged anchor (for anchoring by concrete block where block is designed by Civil), elbows, insulation joint, casing pipe for crossings;
  • Preparing Pipeline Integrity Management, including piggability studies (with the support of FLOA) with the available info which depends on the project phase and project type (e.g. greenfield, vs brownfield);
  • Preparing Pre-Commissioning specification and/or Philosophy;
  • Preparing Commissioning specification and/or Philosophy with the support and collaboration of COMMISSIONING department;
  • Preparing Scope of Work and associated specifications for pipeline design, construction, installation and pre-commissioning (SoW for EPCI contract), with the support of other disciplines;
  • Supporting the EM on Technical Evaluation for bid relevant to pipeline material supply (LLI) (in collaboration with MACO department);
  • Supporting the EM on Technical Evaluation for bid relevant to Pipeline/SURF EPCI / T&I contracts
  • Following up of construction, installation and field engineering performed by Pipeline EPCI / T&I Contractor;
  • Preparing decommissioning Plan/specification;
  • Performing Asset Integrity studies and re-qualification;
  • Ensuring compliance with the Company LCI (Life-Cycle Information) standards;
  • Supporting the TSAFE PDL (and HSEQ departments) in performing Risk Assessments (such as for example HAZID, HAZOP, SIL, etc.) relevant to Pipeline System and support the closure of actions arisen from the assessment (if any);
  • Supporting the TSAFE PDL on performing Third Party Interaction study, including study recommendation assessment and eventually their implementation in the pipeline design;
  • Supporting the TSAFE on performing the SECE identification and Performance standard preparation, relevant to onshore pipeline scope of work;
  • Performing RBI (Risk Based Inspection), with the support of other disciplines

This is the opportunity for you if you have these skills and requirements:

  • Mechanical, Pipeline Engineering
  • Supports and technologies: Standard ISO, TQM and Quality system, technical requirement and Standard.
  • Material and Corrosion Design
  • Demonstrate specific knowledge and practice of ASME B31.4 & 8 and applicable pipelines ASME standards, design, construction, operation, pipelines analysis.
  • HSE Principles and Systems
  • Constructability
  • Construction Works (mechanical equipment & piping works)
  • Fluent knowledge of English.
  • Intermediate knowledge of the local language (if required).
  • experience in the Oil & Gas industry in onshore facilities.
  • experience in proven track record in Pipeline Engineering specifically related to front end engineering, detailed design, delivery and operation of upstream onshore Oil & Gas projects.
  • Mechanical engineering degree or equivalent


Basra, Iraq.

Work Pattern:

Rotation 28/28

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