Korek Telecom

POS Cash Controller

Job Overview


The POS Cash Controller is responsible for maintaining on time, accurate and effective communication with all local cash handling control managers in the department.


Key Responsibilities

• Handling cash transactions accurately and efficiently, ensuring proper recording and reconciliation.
• Managing and maintaining inventory levels at the point of sale, including stock replenishment and monitoring.
• Conducting regular stock audits to identify discrepancies and ensure accurate inventory records.
• Collaborating with the finance and inventory teams to reconcile cash and stock records.
• Implementing and enforcing cash handling and stock control policies and procedures.
• Training and supporting staff on proper cash handling and stock management practices.
• Assisting in the development and implementation of inventory management systems.
• Counting and verifying cash amounts at the beginning and end of each shift.
• Recording and reconciling cash transactions in the POS system.
• Identifying and resolving discrepancies or errors in cash handling.
• Assisting in training staff on proper cash handling procedures.
• Monitoring and enforcing cash handling policies and procedures.
• Collaborating with the finance team to ensure accurate reporting of cash transactions.
• Maintaining a secure and organized cash handling area.
• Daily recording of incoming and outgoing cash.
• Ensure that reports related to the incomes match with the receiving cash.
• Ensure that all documents related to the payments are accurately supported and approved.
• Cash Count and reconciliation on a daily basis.
• Reviewing overdue cash received by agents and following up on collection.
• Handing collected income to the main safe with supported documents and reports.
• Managing any non-monetary items that have value and dealing with them in the same way as cash.


• Excellent communication skills.
• Excellent analytical skills.
• Excellent negotiations skills.
• Ability to work under pressure.
• Computer skills (MS Office).
• Knowledge of cash handling processes policies and procedures.
• Knowledge of balance sheet techniques.
• Familiarity with IT Systems.

  • Kurdish (required)
  • English (required)
  • Arabic (preferred)


Number Of Positions
1-2 years of work experience in relevant field.
Bachelor in Accounting or relevant field.