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Power Transformers Lead Trainer

Job Overview

Estimated start date: Estimated start date: TBC
Estimated Duration of Assignment: Total 20 working days (divided into two sessions 10 days per session)
Academic Qualifications:
A bachelor’s or master’s degree in electrical/power engineering. A Bachelor’s degree with additional 2 years of experience in delivering training will be accepted in lieu of Masters.
Years of Experience:
● The lead trainer must have a minimum of 10 years of progressive relevant experience and skills matching the training objectives in one of the following areas: distribution of liquid-filled type or dry-type transformers and accessories.
● The trainer must have excellent analytical and presentation skills with experience in developing curriculums and delivering training.
● Certified trainer in electrical transformers test and diagnosis is an advantage.
● Has a recognized certificate for providing similar training.
● Experience with an international organization or local NGO in building capacities.
● Experience in implementing pre and post-assessments.
● Comprehensive understanding of all objectives and requirements in the TOR reflected in the motivation letter and CV.
● Prepare the quality training material and share it in soft and hard copies with UNDP staff and participants.
● Conduct pre and post-assessment to the students to capture improvement in knowledge and skills acquired through training.
● Provide interactive engaging training, group discussions and practical demonstrations with actively involved learners in their own learning experience.
● Deliver practical training with hands-on activities for the participants in the workshop which will be equipped with test instruments and equipment as per Annex A (section IV).
● Guide and train the participants on how to use tools and equipment listed in Annex A while imposing PPEs, and health and safety protocols.
● Deliver training materials to the participants for a complete understanding of the training objectives considering the variance levels in knowledge and experience of the participants.
 Language Required:
• FluencOrganize training in Arabic as well as in English if needed.

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