Wataniya Group

Procurement Officer

Job Overview

The Runner is critical in representing purchasing, Inc.; the Runner is often the only contact a business or vendor will have with purchasing, Inc. so they encounter must be strictly professional.  Responsibilities of the Runner include:

• Collect supply, equipment, and/or parts orders from various businesses.

• Return supply, equipment, and/or parts orders and/or rentals to various businesses.

• Coordinate activities and stops to limit the number of trips.

• Order supplies, equipment, and/or parts as directed.

• Maintain warehouse and inventory in an organized manner.

• Keep tools and supplies secure.

• Record mileage; use Runner Daily Log.

• Fill out Purchase Orders.

• May involve travel outside of the city area.

• Additional duties as assigned by the purchasing manager or the direct supervisor.

Position Accountabilities:

  • Market survey
  • Requisitioning
  • Studying Market
  • Making Purchase Decision
  • Receipting Goods and Services Received
  • Accounting Goods and Services
  • Receiving Invoices and Making Payment

Credit note in case of material

This position reports directly to the Purchasing Manager.

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