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Procurment Officer – Baghdad

Job Expired

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we are placed to announce the we need a Procurement officers at Baghdad,

General Requirements:
1. Similar Experience.
2. Very good knowledge in the market.
3. Can travel.

For the interested candidate please share your CV through ( by subjecting the email of (Baghdad)

1- Finding the best methods and price offers for transporting employees between Iraqi governorates.
2- Transporting goods between governorates at reasonable prices.
3- External maintenance requests (purchasing materials and tools related to maintenance – not spare parts, but some materials used in maintenance).
4- Hospitality purchases (water, sugar, tea, etc.), detergent purchases, etc.
5- Hall stationery.
6- Purchases of electrical equipment.
7- Clearance purchases for some halls.
8- Internal transportation within the city (inside Erbil, inside Baghdad, inside Kirkuk, and inside Sulaymaniyah), agreeing with a car to take the employees and return them in a specific agreed manner, so that the driver is informed sufficiently in advance.
9- Purchases of environmental equipment for maintenance (water consumption indicators, electric heaters, sensors, electricity measuring devices).
10- Internet maintenance contracts, internet networks and cameras.
11- Shipping goods from outside Iraq to inside Iraq (from countries).
12- Workers for Doula to transport the goods (the furniture that Apple sends to us is transported from Germany to Iraq), and we contract with shipping companies in order to deliver these furniture.
13- Importing from China (detailing and importing from China), such as mouse pads, bags, and other products..
14- Organizing cladding contracts for APR halls and agreeing with contractors, wooden cabins for maintenance and covering them with leather. From now on, we want someone for the Zaga Mall showroom, and we want him to give us a free engineering drawing for the site, regardless of whether we work with him or not (we want engineering companies operating in all governorates of Iraq).
15- Companies for maintenance contracts after cladding for APR halls.
16- Electronic equipment (computers, printers, barcode readers, possibly from China, products for sales such as a portable printer, photo printer, audio devices, computer screen, keyboard, mouse, software such as Adobe and Microsoft Office, mobile phone…etc.).
17- Marketing requests (uniforms, printing papers, wood, contracts with design companies).
18- Contracts with digital marketing companies, NSO, Digital Catalog, etc.).
19- Contracts with hotels at good prices.
20- Contracting with external event organizers, especially when a new hall is opened, or we have a specific celebration.
21- Receiving the assignment of assets, their movement, responsibility for moving them, and making a decision regarding them (selling old ones, buying something new, moving assets as needed).

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  • This job has expired!