Product Specialist

Job Overview

Key Goal:

Product creation and analysis through integration among different systems, focus on UX/UI to deliver best user journey with best quality.

Roles & Responsibilities:
• Create new ideas for the product and follow it up to launch.
• Communicate the requirements for new and existing products with vendors.
• Follow up with the product launch and customer behavior to develop and enhance user experience to fit market needs including not limited to processes flow and customer behavior.
• Design the high-level user experience and make sure it is intuitive.
• Evaluate new vendors for new products.
• Identify market requirements and needs to define product feature set.
• Plan strategy for each new product providing the right factors and measurements.
• Conduct market research to build the current perception about the product position in the market.
• Follow up with other departments to enhance the user experience specifically not limited to sales, back office, customer service, and finance.
• Design and execute UAT sessions based on a predefined approved use case.
• Analyze data and process to identify the chances for products improvement.
• Analyze and refine internal processes to increase efficiency and develop automated practices.
• Draft presentable creative solutions to prospective clients to encourage partnership.
• Delegate of Product Manager for meeting with clients and vendors when it is required around Iraq.
• Prior knowledge of programming and APIs integration is preferred.
• Prior experience of writing business documents like BRD/MRD is preferred.

This JD is a Summary of main functions, additional roles and responsibilities might be requested at any time upon the management request and upon its discretion based on Business Needs.

Education, Experience & Qualifications necessary to perform the job:
Education: Bachelor’s degree in information technology or computer science. Business background is a must.
Experience: 2 years.
Language: Fluent English and fluent Arabic or Kurdish.

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