Job Expired

Job Overview

Location: Basra, Iraq

Work Schedule: 14/14


General requirements:

  • At least intermediate level of English language
  • Microsoft office software skills

Education :

  • Higher or vocational college education in oil and gas

Knowledge/job experience:

  • HSE awareness.
  • Technical requirements to the process of oil and gas production.
  • Knowledge of oil and gas production techniques and technologies.
  • Skills in preparing reports, tables, diagrams.
  • Knowledge & skills for operation with Delta V professional soft,
  • Software PANDA, EC, PI, SAP.

Work experience:

  • Work experience in oil & gas production – not less than 5 years.
  • Minimum 2 years of work experience with the Company.


  1. Monitoring and control wellpad equipment operation using professional soft Delta V, ensuring wells operation according to production plan.
  2. Operate with wellpad equipment remotely for operational and maintenance needs.
  3. Timely perform update of databases (Energy Components, logbooks).
  4. Analyze incoming alarms/trips, take part in alarm meetings, take action for alarms amount optimizing.
  5. Timely provide required reports to interested departments.


To apply send your CV to

[email protected]


  • This job has expired!