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About Badael:

Badael is a rights-based organization founded in 2013 with a mission to foster transformative justice as the basis of a genuine and sustainable peace in Syria. Championing locally owned alternatives, we endeavor to buttress the scope and impact of inclusive grassroots civic action and foment the development of holistic truth and understanding within and around the Syrian context. Our approach combines direct assistance and capacity building efforts with bottom-up narrative-shaping initiatives, including research, oral history and advocacy, so that all Syrians are equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to construct a pluralistic and rights-based society of tomorrow.


Job Summary:

Badael is seeking a Program officer, with strategic thinking abilities, strong knowledge of project management cycles and its specializations related to planning, organizing and managing resources to oversee the implementation of a Badael’s civic project in a specific manner. The successful candidate must possess a variety of abilities to carry out the tasks required for the program’s success, including knowledge and technical skills that are represented by managing the scope of work while supervising operations and activities, ensuring the smooth progress of activities, and implementing activities in an effective and efficient manner.  Other relevant personal, cultural, and social skills required to occupy the role by the successful candidate include abilities in negotiation, teamwork, leadership, and the capacity to effectively manage time, create, and maintain a work schedule, create a budget, and control costs in line with the organization’s vision. The successful candidate will also be required to ensure sustainability and continuity as well as an ability to manage communication between management and the project’s workers on the one hand and communication between the project team and project stakeholders on the other hand.  Lastly, the ability to effectively manage risks and develop alternative plans in the event of emerging challenges is highly required for this role.


Terms of Reference:

The Program Officer shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

Project management, follow-up and monitoring of activities, and reporting of results and success in reaching goals.

Overseeing the needs assessment, the organizational capacities of the beneficiary groups, and the appropriate intervention methods.

Developing plans, methodologies, and periodic assessments, as well as using the lessons learned from assessments to improve the work being done

Coordinating with Program Management team to develop project work strategies and , implementation plans to ensure long-term sustainability and impact of the project.

Strive to provide a healthy work environment and demonstrate keenness to build team spirit and cooperative work.

Provide continuous support and feedback to the work team and build the team’s capabilities in the course of work, to ensure efficient performance and results.

Supervise and provide necessary knowledge and technical support, as well as other forms of support to the project team of trainers and field coordinators.

Communicating and interacting within the institution, and with beneficiaries and partners, while also seeking to build a network of relationships and alliances with active civil society organizations in the project region and areas of implementation.

Determine the team’s training needs and coordinate with external trainers and consultants to deliver trainings.

Maintain an effective monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning system, in coordination with the MEAL department, and in accordance with Badael’s MEAL policy.

, Ensure that the program database is systematically and periodically updated.

Prepare and ensure timely submission of monthly progress reports of program activities, program progress reports, results and impact reports and other required reports.

Coordinating meetings and liaising with the administrative and financial officer, when presenting project team physical activities, accommodation arrangements and expense reports.

Ensure that expenditures in the project comply with budget items in coordination with the Finance Department.

Studying risks and updating them with the work team and managing them with the Security and Safety Committee on a regular basis.

Facilitate periodic meetings with the work team, and individual support sessions, to share performance evaluation.

Preparing reference procedural manuals and means to support the work of the team.

Supervising and contributing to the development of training and advisory manuals,

Documenting activities and archiving them on one drive and other relevant databases and supervising the sharing and saving process from the project team on Google Drive.

Cooperate in the completion of donor reports by providing the required data and information for such reports.

Openness and cooperation with the rest of the departments, and the implementation of joint activities under the supervision of the Programs Department.

Participate with management in the annual general analysis and put forward proposals for the strategic plans of the institution.

Building a network of local relationships and enhancing communication and dialogue with active people in the work area.

Identifying issues with the work team, beneficiary groups, methods of intervention, mobilization, and community advocacy.

Assisting the logistical and financial team in finding suitable halls for activities and matching the allocated budgets.

Manage the budget of the activities in the project and ensure adherence to it within the guidelines of the Finance Department.



University degree in social sciences, law or any other related field.

At least five years of practical and professional experience in management, coordination, or related fields in non-governmental organizations, with the ability to establish and launch new projects in the work area.

Demonstrated commitment to Badael’s values (respect, diversity, integrity) and teamwork.

The ability to manage a team well and adopt the principle of results-based management (effectiveness and efficiency).

Knowledge and ability to build capacities and develop expertise of civil society groups and NGOs.

Good knowledge in the field of community organization, the nature of social relations and conflict in work areas, and knowledge of the foundations of civic awareness.

Familiarity with project design, planning and organization, and the ability to prepare narrative reports, documentation, and archiving.

Fluency in Kurdish/Arabic and a good level of English.

Good computer skills in Microsoft Office.

Possessing effective communication skills, oral and written, and the ability to influence and persuade.

Having a network of local relations and the ability to manage effective dialogue.

Creative ability to resolve conflicts and problems.

The ability to assess risks and manage them and bear the different pressures of work.

Ability to effectively manage time and handle multiple priorities and deadlines.

Know-how and knowledge of community organization, mobilization and support for societal issues and rights.

Familiarity with the values of citizenship and democracy.

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